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Shreveport, LA Air Conditioning Installation

It’s a shame that not many homeowners ever get excited about air conditioning installation in Shreveport, LA. This is an opportunity for people to get acquainted with technology and explore new options in efficiency and effective cooling power. Your air conditioner should be unique to your home and budget, so why not explore your options with the best team in the bayou?

Have you seen our list of what we offer? Here at Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we provide service on enough different types of air conditioners to make your head spin. This is all by design, since we want to be the household name for quality AC installations in the area. We have the necessary qualifications, expertise, and sheer pride in our work that we let customer reviews speak for themselves. Call our expert technicians today!

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Considering an Air Conditioning Installation?

There’s a lot to consider before you have a new air conditioner installed. Do you have ductwork that can be used by a central air conditioning system or a heat pump? If not, perhaps you’d do better with a ductless AC system? Are you looking for maximum efficiency levels or are you trying to purchase an air conditioner on your budget that will do an effective job at keeping your home cool? Don’t worry, all of these questions can be answered by the right team.

Thankfully, we’re the pros in Shreveport, LA who know the answers to these questions. We’ll sit down with you and discuss what’s important for you and your home, and come to an agreeable solution on the best air conditioner. Don’t worry, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to make sure we leave your home cooled, comfortable, and exactly how you want it.

Why You Need Professional Air Conditioning Installation

We get asked this question all the time. "Why would we pay you when we could pay much less for an amateur?" Well, the answer is simple: professional air conditioner installation has a dramatically lower risk of anything going wrong. There are many complicated steps that go into setting up the correct air conditioner, and if any one of them is done incorrectly, you’ll be the one paying for it in the end.

From sizing the air volume of your home to the right AC system, to making sure refrigerant lines are secured, there’s just nothing more reliable than having a professional technician provide sensible air conditioner installation service. Every penny that goes toward our team of experienced individuals is a penny saved later from an expensive repair that is avoided.

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Are you unsure of what kind of air conditioner installation you want? Many homeowners are exactly like you, which is why we’re a reliable source for air conditioner information. We want to help you make the right decision for your home in Shreveport, LA. Don’t hesitate to call our team of experts so we can discuss your AC options, whether it’s a standard central air conditioner or a ductless heat pump, we’ll have it installed in no time.