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Commercial Refrigeration in Shreveport, LA

Many different establishments rely on commercial refrigeration of some type: convenience stores, bars, restaurants, gymnasiums, ice cream stores, cafeterias, etc. Whether you run a large or small business that depends on refrigeration for daily operations, you’ll need the services of refrigeration professionals: these devices are complex machines that require years of specialized training, as well as professional equipment, to properly install and service.

Your company’s success is too important to risk on amateur refrigeration work, so make sure that you call on Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for whatever you need in Shreveport, LA. We have a wide variety of products we can install for you, and our repair and maintenance services will see that your current refrigeration equipment continues to work its best.

No matter what commercial refrigeration services your business needs in Shreveport, LA or the surrounding areas, you can rely on Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

Some of the Commercial Refrigeration Services We Offer

The term commercial refrigeration covers a wide range of products and services. You may only need a storage refrigerator for everyday business. Or you may require multiple walk–in freezers plus an icemaker and beverage coolers. To make certain that you receive the right installations, repairs, and maintenance work for this variety of equipment, you must turn to a company that can handle it all.

If you want to know about all the different equipment that we service at Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, you only have to give us a call. Below is a list of some of the most common commercial refrigeration equipment that we handle.

Beverage Coolers

If keeping beverages chilled properly so they’re ready to serve is a key part of running your establishment, we can help you. We install many types and sizes of beverage coolers, and also service beer taps.

Daiquiri Machines

A frozen daiquiri machine is a fantastic luxury item that can add up to big business for your company. Give us a call to arrange for a new daiquiri machine installation or any repairs that your current one may need.


This is one of the essential pieces of refrigeration equipment for most food service businesses. You must make sure that your commercial freezer maintains the right low temperatures to keep food and other items fresh. Let us take care of installing, replacing, or repairing the freezers for your company.

Ice Machine

Hotels, bars, restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores: many different kinds of establishments may need ice machines to handle a variety of needs. Rely on our commercial refrigeration experts to see that you have an ice machine to fit your requirements and that will work dependably for many years.

Reach in Cooler

A reach–in cooler can service your commercial kitchen or it can provide customers with quick access to product in your retail store. Whatever type of reach–in cooler your establishment needs, you only have to give us a call to schedule installation or other services.

Walk in Cooler

These are standard pieces of equipment for most extensive food service companies such as grocery stores and large restaurants. Walk–in coolers need special care to make sure that they work correctly and prevent food or other perishable items from spoiling. You can trust us to service your walk–in cooler or install a new one.

Server Room Cooling

Here’s an important refrigeration service that applies to many businesses outside of the food service industry. If your company relies on a server room to operate the computers and telecom system, proper cooling is vital to protect the equipment and data. We will help set up the right server room cooling system to suit your needs.

Wine Refrigerator

If you serve wine at your restaurant or sell it at your retail store, proper wine refrigeration is essential. A wine refrigerator handles the special stable temperature requirements that are necessary to bring out the best taste from wine. Let our refrigeration specialists help you find the wine refrigerator that will give your customers the quality they demand.

Call Us for Comprehensive Commercial Refrigeration

When you contact Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, you won’t have to worry that we don’t handle the refrigeration service that you need. Our commercial specialists have the experience and skill to take care of everything from your beer taps to your large–volume walk–in coolers. Whatever you require in Shreveport, LA for your company’s refrigeration, put your confidence in us.