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Heating in Shreveport, LA

It is true that our summer season can be rather unrelenting in this part of the country, with temperatures – and humidity levels – soaring far beyond what anyone could rightly call comfortable. However, you must keep in mind the fact that the chilly winter of weather is never all that far off, tough as it may be to believe when summer is at its peak. This is precisely why it is so important that you have a great heating system in your Shreveport, LA home.

In order to heat your home safely, effectively, and efficiently, you need only schedule your heating services with the skilled technicians at Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. We offer a number of great heating systems, and we have the expertise necessary to install and service any such system properly. Call now if you are in need of quality heating installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance services.

Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services near Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas.

Choose the Best Heater for Installation in Your Home

With all of the heating systems available on the market today, choosing the right one for your needs and preferences can prove to be quite difficult. It is worth your while to take the time necessary to find the right heater for your unique situation, though. Whether a boiler, furnace, geothermal system, solar heater, or any other type, you can count on our staff to install and service your heating system of choice properly every step of the way.

Call Us for Heating Services in Shreveport, LA

As great as any given heater may be, there is just no way in which you can hope to get the very best performance that your heater has to offer if you do not schedule professional heating services of the highest caliber. Not only will your heater fail to function properly, reliably, and efficiently if not professionally installed and serviced, but it also may fail to function safely. You deserve better than this, which is why we suggest that you schedule your heating services with our fine staff.

Heating Repair

Working with a knowledgeable and honest heating contractor is the only way in which to guarantee that you can heat your home with the quality that you deserve. Our heating contractors are extensively trained, and unfalteringly courteous. When you call us for heater repair services in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding area, we’ll send a knowledgeable technician who can quickly identify the issue, provide recommendations for improvement and complete the repairs that you need. We will never oversell on a service that you don’t need.

Our technicians take measures to ensure that your home is protected while they service your system, including wearing booties to prevent scuffs and damage to your floors. The bottom line is that, by working with us, your comfort and your satisfaction are in trustworthy hands. Give us a call today to schedule heating repair in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding area.


There are many reasons to consider using a boiler in order to heat one’s home. Such systems are very efficient and reliable, and their performance quality is top–notch. This is only true, of course, when the boiler is properly installed and serviced. We’ll see to it that this is the case with our trusted boiler services.

Ductless Heating

You don’t have to use ductwork in order to enjoy forced air heating throughout your home. Consider investing in a ductless heating system instead. The individual blowers that such systems utilize allow one to heat different areas of the home to different temperatures.


The furnace is probably still the most common of all heating systems. We install and service both gas and electric furnace models. In terms of heating a home promptly and efficiently, the furnace is tough to beat.

Furnace Repair

Despite your best efforts to keep your furnace running properly throughout the winter months, sometimes things can go wrong and your heating system will not work properly. When this happens, rest assured that Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration will be there to provide you with quality furnace repair in Shreveport, LA.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

You can use the heat in the ground in order to heat your home when you allow us the privilege of installing a geothermal heating system on your property. Contact us today to get started. Geothermal systems can both heat and cool, and with great efficiency to boot.

Heat Pumps

By using a heat pump to warm your home, you can utilize ambient heat present in the air outside. This heat is absorbed by refrigerant, which is then compressed before releasing heat in your home. Heat pumps are among the most efficient of all residential heating options.

Heating Repair

A damaged heater can really put your comfort at risk when the chill of the winter season is upon us once more. To ensure that your heating repair services are completed by skilled professionals, just give our staff a call. We’ll get to the bottom of any problems that you may have, and we’ll resolve them completely.

Pool Heaters

Don’t hop out of the pool just because the night air is getting a bit chilly. Use a pool heater to get more enjoyment than ever before out of your swimming pool. We install and service a great variety of pool heaters, including heat pump and gas models.

Solar Heating

Using the energy of the sun in order to heat one’s home has a lot of benefits. Doing so is very environmentally friendly, and incredibly efficient. Contact us to discuss your solar heating options further.


You need a great thermostat if you hope to get a great performance from your residential HVAC system. We’ll see to it that you have the thermostat which best suits your needs. Contact Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for any and all heating services that you may need completed in your home.