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Heating Services in Shreveport, LA

Let’s face it, you need an operational heating system that will provide you and your family with plenty of comfortable and affordable heat. This is non-negotiable. Here at Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we’re the team that can get the job done. We’re known in the Shreveport, LA area as the “Doctor of Home Comfort” precisely because we will diagnose the problem in your heating system with confidence and accuracy.

With our Proactive Service Agreement, we don’t just intend to provide quality heating installation, but we also implement heating maintenance that can extend the lifespan of your heater years beyond what it normally would be. We can identify problems early on with our thorough inspection that will end up saving you money in the long run.

Contact Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today! We’re the doctor of home comfort.

Here’s What We Offer:

We offer a variety of comprehensive heating services, including:

Comprehensive Heater Installation and Replacement

Don’t let amateurs install your heater. Any slight installation issue can be dangerous when a malfunction causes you to be living without heat in the wintertime. With our team, you’re ensured the best possible heater installation in Shreveport, LA. There are lots of complicated procedures that must be completed when installing a heating system, like correctly sizing the unit and servicing ductwork.

However, if your heater reaches the limits of its lifespan, our service doesn’t end there. We’ve got comprehensive heater replacement services to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We’ll make sure to leave you with a smile on your face, knowing your new heater will end up running more efficiently and effectively than your old one for years to come.

Reliable Heater Repair and Maintenance You Can Count On

Heater repair is a necessary component to owning a functioning heating system. Things don’t always go as planned and systems don’t run perfectly all the time, which is why a company like ours with 24/7 service can be there in the moment you need us the most.

That’s not the only thing you’re going to need for your new system. To avoid constant heater replacement, you’re going to need serious heater maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. Maintenance can provide savings for you on repairs and service while also making sure that any issues that do come up are no surprise and are planned for. Our Proactive Heater Maintenance Program will give you all the benefits of a standard maintenance plan, with our own customer excellence additions to make sure you’re happy with your heater.

Call Us for All Your Heater Needs

There’s a good reason why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 emergency services. We want you to be happy with your heater while you go the whole season without an issue. Obviously, that’s not always going to be the case. So, when there are problems, we’ll be there to fix them based on your preference and budget. Every home is different, and our team can make sure the perfect heater is installed correctly on your property.

Our company is the doctor of home comfort in Shreveport, LA, because whether it’s heating repairs or maintenance, we’ve got the tools, training, and expertise to give you a proper diagnosis.