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Shreveport, LA Heating Services

When we say we’ve got 24-hour service, 7 days a week, we don’t just mean for air conditioning. Our heating services are comprehensive – we offer heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for several types of furnaces, boiler, ductless systems, and more. We’re known in Shreveport, LA as the doctor of home comfort, because that’s how our customers treat us. Our team has the expertise, training, and extensive knowledge about heating systems to the point of being a useful resource.

We have more than 50 years of combined experience among our team members, allowing us to be a qualified HVAC contractor in the area. No matter if you’re looking for a brand-new heating system or just need a touch-up, we’re the team to call.

Contact Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today for all your heating needs. We’re the doctor of home comfort.

Our Services

Looking for heating service? Check out all that we offer:

  • Boilers. Looking for a heating system that will reliably deal with chilly temperatures for decades to come? We provide expert boiler services to give you a cost-effective heating solution.
  • Ductless Heating. Is your home too old or small to have ductwork? Or perhaps you’re looking to avoid such a costly expenditure? Contact us for a ductless heating system today.
  • Furnaces. Whether they’re electric or gas-powered, we provide services ranging from installations to replacements and repairs.
  • Geothermal Heating. Easily the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, geothermal heating systems can effectively outlast and outperform other systems on the market.
  • Heat Pumps. Like the idea of having a heating and cooling system at the tip of your fingers? Try contacting us for a heat pump system.
  • Pool Heaters. Keep your pool warm and comfortable all year round with one of our pool heaters.
  • Solar Heating. Another environmentally friendly and effective heating system, solar heaters can be perfect for your energy-conscious home.
  • Thermostats. Don’t be mistaken, thermostats are an important component to your heating and cooling system. Make sure you’ve got access to a quality thermostat today.

Reliable Heating Installation and Replacement

When it comes to heating installation in Shreveport, LA you need a team that can set it up correctly. Heaters can often become inefficient and unsafe if they’re installed poorly. That’s why having a team with 50 years under their belt can be a valuable resource to ensuring you’ve got the right heating system installed the right way.

Not only that, but heaters don’t last forever. Eventually you’ll need heating replacement when your system either breaks down or stops functioning efficiently. Having a contractor that pays the right amount of attention, provide excellent customer service, and that has the training necessary for the job, can make the heating installation process much less painful. Call us today!

Combat Neglect with Heating Maintenance and Repair Today

A neglected heater is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes temperatures are too cold to remain comfortable without quality heating. That’s why you’ll need extensive heating maintenance in Shreveport, LA to ensure your system is ready to run for another season. If no professional takes a good, hard look at your heater for years, there could be an underlying problem causing it to start failing.

Though, when a professional makes a tune-up inspection and adjustment on your heater, it’s much easier to schedule an affordable heating repair that addresses the problem. By having yearly check-ups on your heating system, our team members will give you the lowdown on the condition of your heater and the heating repair needs that will be in the future. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians today.