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Solar Air Conditioning in Shreveport, LA

Considering that it is during the hot, sunny summers that we run our air conditioning systems the most, it really makes sense to harness the power that the sun provides and to put it to use when cooling our homes. Using the sun’s energy in order to cool down may not be the most intuitive option for most people. However, it is one with many benefits.

If you are interested in using solar energy in order to cool your home in Shreveport, LA, then give Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration a call today. We have the information that you need to determine if solar air conditioning is the right option for your home. Should you decide that it is, you can count on us to handle all of your solar AC services with the skill and expertise that only trained professionals can offer.

Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides solar air conditioning installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services near Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas.

How Does Solar Air Conditioning Work?

A solar air conditioning system uses the power of the sun in order to power an air conditioner, allowing you to cool your home with great efficiency from a renewable energy source. There are different types of solar air conditioning systems on the market today, and different methods of installation to consider. In order to get the best performance from your solar air conditioning system, it is important that you work with qualified technicians who will optimize your system for your unique needs.

Many manufacturers today are producing solar–ready whole–house air conditioners as the interest in such systems continues to grow. Essentially, such systems are able to utilize solar modules, which are made up of PV (photovoltaic) cells. These cells are able to harvest energy from the sun, and to convert it into usable electricity. Solar–ready air conditioners make it easy to build up a solar energy system for use throughout the house.

Grid–Tied vs. Standalone Solar Air Conditioning Systems

You may have heard the term "off the grid" at some point, and it is one which refers to the use of a standalone solar PV system. They operate completely independently from any solar grid, and provide all of the electricity for use in one’s home. They require a lot of equipment, including backup batteries, and can be fairly expensive. For very remote homes, they are a great option to consider, though.

For most homeowners who have access to the electrical grid, however, a grid–tied solar energy system is the better option. Any excess electricity produced by solar energy systems in such instances can be sold back to the utility company, and you always have the security of the electrical grid acting as a backup to your solar energy system. That means that on days when your PV panels may not be able to absorb much energy, you can still use electricity from the grid in order to run your solar air conditioner.

Like any other whole–house air conditioning system, your solar air conditioner absolutely must be professionally designed and installed. Everything, from the sizing of the system to the placement of your panels and the wiring that ties it altogether, requires the expertise that only professionals can possess. When properly utilized, your solar air conditioning system will help you to live in great comfort during the hottest time of the year, while also allowing you to do so in an efficient and eco–friendly manner.