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Shreveport, LA Whole House Generators

A stormy season in Shreveport, LA, or even an overly hot day, can mean a loss of electrical power to local homes and businesses. A short blackout can be inconvenient. A longer blackout is a serious problem, and it can even be life-threatening in cases where people in a building rely on powered medical equipment. The best prevention is to have a whole-house generator or commercial generator installed.

Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration sells and services Honeywell Generators in the Shreveport, LA area to residential and commercial customers. You can purchase your Honeywell unit through us and leave the installation work to our skilled electricians. We’re here to see your generator stays in peak condition with the best in repairs and other services.

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Trust Honeywell Generators

When you are looking for a whole house generator installation, Honeywell Generators are among the absolute best you can purchase. Honeywell is a trusted name when it comes to comfort and security, whether for a home or an office. Honeywell Generators turn on automatically when your building suffers a power outage—you don’t need to wander out in the dark or in harsh conditions and struggle to activate the unit. Nor do you have to worry about a power outage when you’re away from home or your commercial building. As soon as power is restored, the generator will go back to standby mode.

There are many different models of Honeywell backup generators available, in many different power levels. When you work with our professionals, they’ll find the ideal type and size so the generator will run all the systems and appliances you need. Once the unit is installed, you can relax with the peace of mind that your power needs are protected in case of an emergency. Generator installation in Shreveport, LA has never been easier!

We Offer Whole House Generator Repair and More

We’re here to offer our customers more than a great whole house generator installation. When you arrange for a Honeywell generator installation with our team, we also have you covered for when you need service for your generator. Having a quality back-up generator is only one part of protecting your home from power outages. You need to ensure the generator is in the best shape possible—if you can’t trust the generator to turn on when you need it to, it’s not much good! We can provide you with the regular service necessary for a dependable Honeywell back-up unit: call us whenever you need whole house generator repair, and we’ll be there to restore your vital backup energy supply.

Commercial Generator Services in Shreveport, LA

At Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we’re proud to offer heating, air conditioning, ventilation and generator services in Shreveport, LA. This includes Honeywell commercial generator installation and commercial generator repair. Loss of power to your business can be crippling—even worse than losing power to your home! We want to see you don’t experience this sort of disaster. Please speak to us to learn more about commercial generators from Honeywell and the services we offer for them.

Like any doctor, our technicians are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you need assistance. We treat every customer as our top priority! Schedule an appointment with us today.