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Commercial Duct Cleaning in Shreveport, LA

Almost all businesses have a network of ducts hooked up to their air conditioner and forced-air heater. These ducts distribute conditioned air throughout the work space, bringing comfort to employees and clientele. However, these ducts may eventually turn into a hindrance for both comfort and energy efficiency if they do not receive attention from professional duct cleaners.

If you operate a business in Shreveport, LA that has a ventilation system, you must have professional cleaning scheduled every few years. If you are unsure about when is the best time for duct cleaning, call Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and speak to our ductwork and indoor air quality specialists. They can help you determine the best schedule for having your ducts cleaned out so that your HVAC system will run at peak efficiency and the contaminants in your air are reduced to a minimum.

To arrange for regular commercial duct cleaning in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas, look to the professionals at Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

Why Ductwork Needs Professional Cleaning

In order for the ventilation system in a building to maintain air pressure inside it, it must have airtight sealing along its length. This seal has one negative side–effect: it allows dust, lint, pollen, dander, and other particles to start to build up inside the ducts without any place to escape—except back into the work space to recirculate into the return vents. Over time, more and more contaminants will build up, creating a reservoir of pollutants that will place a strain on the airflow from the heater and air conditioner, not to mention lowering the quality of the indoor air.

Because of the extent of commercial ductwork, it is impossible for amateurs to clean them. It requires skilled professionals with the best equipment available to do the work. Trained duct cleaners will use power vacuums to alter the pressure inside the ductwork to remove contaminants throughout the system. This should keep the ductwork in good shape for another few years.

The Benefits of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

The principle benefit of commercial duct cleaning is that it reduces the amount of work that the air conditioner and forced–air heater have to do. Even a small layer of dust on the ductwork interior will provide friction against airflow and raise heating and cooling costs. Without cleaning done every few years, a company can pay 30% more than it should for indoor comfort.

Cleaning the ductwork will also help significantly with improving indoor air quality. This is especially important for people in a workplace who suffer from asthma and allergies. But even people without these conditions will notice an unpleasant difference in the indoor air if the ducts contain large quantities of dander, lint, dust mites, and more.

We Offer Commercial Duct Cleaning in Shreveport, LA

If you are wondering whether it’s time to have your company’s ducts cleaned, give Hall's Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration a call. We’ll arrange to look over your ventilation system and find out if duct cleaning will help you. We will then set up a schedule to take care of the work. If you have noticed a rise in your AC and heating bills that you cannot explain, then you should look into having duct cleaning scheduled immediately—we are glad to help.

No matter when you require duct cleaning for your business in Shreveport, LA, make us your first choice for the job.