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3 Heat Pump Problems to Avoid

Heat pumps aren’t without their own unique problems that furnace owners might not be too familiar with. These systems operate similarly to air conditioning systems, but with some major caveats, so it can be a little tricky to determine when there’s a problem with the system. For anyone who might be a new heat pump owner, or someone who believes they have a heat pump problem but just isn’t sure about it, this blog can help you determine where the problem might be.

The three heat pump problems we’ve listed below are common among these kinds of systems. That being said, they still require professional heating repair in Benton, LA to accurately diagnose and fix them. With the help of a qualified professional and some best case practices like changing your air filter and unblocking your home’s vents, you can make sure that these problems are rarely seen in your home.

A Refrigerant Leak

The first important problem to avoid in a heat pump is a refrigerant leak. As we mentioned earlier, heat pumps cycle refrigerant from inside your house to the outside, moving heat from one location to the other. When the system is installed, it’s charged with an amount of refrigerant that is meant to last the entire lifespan of the system. If a leak springs, either through weathering, animals, or some other common event, then the refrigerant will quickly start to drain from the system and it will be left compensating.

If you start to notice higher energy bills, lower heating comfort during the winter, or even the system blowing lukewarm air and it can’t meet the demand on the thermostat, this could signify that the heat pump has a refrigerant leak. Our team can patch the leak and recharge the system to have the correct amount of refrigerant going forward.

A Blower Issue

The blower is responsible for pushing the heated or cooled air from inside your heat pump to the rooms of your home. When there’s a blower motor issue, this means that your heat pump might struggle to push air into your home, causing the vents to stop working as strongly. Or, you might experience a sound coming from the air vents, like a whirring or grinding noise as the problem in the blower motor persists.

If you’re noticing a decreased amount of airflow coming from the air vents, or any uncomfortable noises that signal something is wrong, then you should call our team for help. There’s likely an issue with the blower, and perhaps even the blower motor.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a term we use to describe a heat pump that is running for short, frequent cycles multiple times each day. This is bad because it wears down certain components of the system, sucks up a lot of electricity, and generally does a bad job of keeping your home comfortable. It can be caused by a variety of things, like a refrigerant leak or a poorly sized system, but regardless of the cause, it needs to be fixed.

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