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3 Rules for AC Replacement

Have you ever been frustrated with the state of your air conditioner? It’s not too old to replace, but it’s not working the greatest. Plus, if you’ve been confronted with an expensive AC repair, it can be a nightmare to try and figure out if it’s time to replace the system entirely or if you should pay to get it fixed. This is what this blog is for!

Firstly, a trained professional will always be able to give you a great opinion on whether you should invest in AC repair in Shreveport, LA. That should be your first source of information.

Then, keep reading our blog post and do some research on your own. These rules are tips to help you decide if a repair on your air conditioning unit is worth the cost, or if you should replace the unit and install a cost-effective new system.

Three Helpful Rules

These rules aren’t set in stone. They’re mainly guidelines to help you figure out whether you’d be better off spending your money on a replacement system. We recommend communicating directly with a professional for a second opinion before choosing one path.

The 5000 Rule

Air conditioners run into problems as they get older. So, one way to figure out if your AC’s next repair is going to cost more than it should is this helpful rule.

Take the repair cost of an issue in your AC and multiply it by the age of the system in years. So, if you’ve got a repair that costs $500, and the system is 3 years old, the result should be 1,500. If this number is ever larger than 5000, then you’re likely spending too much to repair a system that’s past its prime, or the repair is so costly that a new replacement is more worth your money.

The Halfway Rule

New air conditioners can cost a lot of money, so it’s important to have an idea of that cost in your head whenever you’re confronted with a repair for your old system. If the repair cost is equal to or more than half the cost of a new system replacement, then you’re almost certainly wasting your money trying to repair a unit that’s old or outdated.

This rule can be helpful in trying to determine whether an expensive repair is worth the cost since a new replacement will absolutely last longer and bring you more results over time.

The 10-15 Year Rule

This rule is probably the easiest to remember but it’s arguably the most important of them all! Basically, an air conditioner is only designed to last 10-15 years in age, no matter what brand or efficiency rating it has.

It could last longer than that and provide your home with quality cooling, but it’s not going to do it as efficiently or reliably as it used to. Once your AC reaches this point, it’s almost always a good idea to start looking into replacements to save you money on repairs in the future, and to stay comfortable!

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