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3 Ways You Can Save on Air Conditioning Costs during the Summer

The cost of keeping a home cool during a long and humid summer in the Shreveport area can be quite high. However, the bills you’re currently paying may be higher than necessary. There are some ways that you can cut down on how much it costs you to operate your AC. We’ve listed a few below. If you need additional help, you can always give us a call—we’re glad to provide professional work that will see you have the most efficient AC possible.

ONE: Clean or change the air filter once a month

Perhaps the most common reason that an otherwise healthy air conditioning system starts to cost more to run than it should is a clogged return air filter. It only takes a month of regular use for the AC to draw in enough debris through the return air ducts for the filter to begin to become heavily congested. This will restrict airflow and consequently make the AC strain harder to do its job. Make sure that once a month during the summer you either clean the filter (if the AC uses a permanent filter) or change it for a new one (if the AC uses a temporary filter).

TWO: Have a new thermostat installed

How old a thermostat do you have in your home? Is it an older manual model, or a no-frills digital model without any programming features? If it’s either, then you almost certainly are paying more for air conditioning. It only requires calling professionals to install a modern programmable or “smart” thermostat to start receiving more efficient air conditioning performance.

THREE: Arrange for regular maintenance

It’s vital that your air conditioner have an annual check-up and inspection from an HVAC professional, preferably during the spring. If you haven’t been doing this, your air conditioner will start losing efficiency every year. It’s never too late to get started, so if you’ve neglected this service, call a professional right away and arrange for it.

If you need to schedule air conditioning maintenance or any other AC services in Barksdale AFB, LA, call on Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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