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5 AC Noises to Be Wary of

Air conditioners make noises sometimes, but they’re not normal. When we say “normal,” we mean that they’re not good, or they usually denote a problem that’s occurring somewhere deep inside the system. The difference here is that a normal noise is something that can be ignored, but any noise that’s coming from your air conditioner deserves to be investigated.

How do you feel about air conditioning repair in Shreveport? If you’re not in the mood to suffer am air conditioner breakdown on the hottest day of the year, then we highly advise you get your AC checked up if it’s making noises. If you’re skeptical, thinking your specific AC noise might not be a problem, then keep reading. We’ll list in detail many of the most common noises we address in air conditioners. If you see your system’s noise on this list, then do yourself a favor and call us!

Annoying Noises

Sure, if you hear a click when your air conditioner turns on or off, then you’re probably in the clear. These are just the contactors signaling to start or stop the cooling process. Likewise, if you’re hearing air gently being pushed from your air vents, you’re probably fine in that case as well. We’re not talking about those kinds of noises.

We’re talking about noises that are uncomfortable, annoying, or just strange. These kinds of noises are never warranted by the manufacturer, and are definitely not caused by anything good. Let’s take a look at some of these noises and what they mean.

  • Buzzing. Buzzing could signify one of a few problems that are significant. On one hand, buzzing is the sound that an electrical component might make when it’s having trouble performing its job. But buzzing is also the sound that a loose part, misaligned fan, or copper lines could make when they’re rubbing against something they shouldn’t. Either way, get them addressed today.
  • Rattling. Rattling is usually caused by a loose part that has fallen out of place. This might not seem like a serious issue, but what happens when this loose part ends up somewhere it shouldn’t? Your problems will increase tenfold if you’re not careful!
  • Hissing or Bubbling. Hissing or bubbling denotes the escape of gas from your refrigerant line, or air bubbles entering it. This means the AC is suffering from a refrigerant leak. You’ll start dealing with the consequences of this type of problem whether you like it or not, so you’re going to need professional help to cut the problem off at its source.
  • Shrieking. Shrieking isn’t as common as the other issues, but loud, high-pitched noises can signal a huge problem. Refrigerant is kept at high pressures in your system, thanks to the compressor, but when the system starts shrieking, it could be from pressure being too high and the system being too stressed.
  • Banging. Are you unsure if your air conditioner has a broken part? Well, if there’s a banging noise coming from it, you can assure yourself that there most likely is a broken part somewhere that’s loose and causing problems.

The only solution that works 100% of the time when fixing these problems is calling for a professional’s help.

The team at Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can assist you. Call the doctor of home comfort today!

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