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A Few Late Summer Air Conditioning Tips

The summer is almost officially over on the calendar, although we can still expect some hot days ahead before the temperature cools down for the fall and winter. There are a few steps you can take to see that your air conditioning system is in the best shape for the close of the cooling season. We’ve listed some tips that will help you end the summer on a high note with your AC:

Clean the area around the outdoor cabinet

Check around the condenser cabinet of the air conditioner to see that it is free from debris such as rocks and branches, and that no plants have grown too close to it. If the area isn’t clear, it can end up damaging the interior of the air conditioner during the off-season.

Have any lingering repair issues taken care of

It’s very easy during the end of summer to shrug off what seem like minor problems with an AC, such as odd sounds from the cabinets or a small drop in cooling power. However, you should never let your air conditioning system go into the winter season with any lingering repair needs, no matter how “minor” they may seem. These small problems have a tendency to worsen over time, and if a surprise hot day pops up, you don’t want an air conditioner that will immediately fail on you. Getting repairs done in a timely fashion is the best way to ensure that you don’t have a much larger repair later on.

Clean that air filter!

We talk about this quite a bit, but there’s a good reason: too many homeowners neglect the air filter for their HVAC system, and it ends up needlessly raising costs for both heating and cooling. If you have a standard combination of furnace and air conditioning system, they use the same air filter, so it’s vital that you have it cleaned (or changed, depending on the filter type) before you need to turn the heater on for the first time.

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