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Oh No! An AC Breakdown! Here’s What to Do

How’s your air conditioning in Shreveport? If you’re sitting pretty with a happy air conditioner then this blog post probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re pacing around your house with your hands on your head trying to figure out what to do about your broken-down air conditioner, then keep reading.

AC breakdowns can be one of the worst experiences to have. They rarely happen at convenient times. Temperatures can be scorching hot as your first line of defense against heat and humidity stops working. What do you do?

That’s where we can help. Professional HVAC technicians pride themselves on being able to repair air conditioners and provide long term solutions for homeowners that are struggling. If your AC breaks down, follow our step by step guide and make sure you give our team a call today!

Follow the Advice of the Professionals

We’re not just trying to sell you a service or get you to buy a brand-new air conditioner. We’re just trying to help make a bad situation a bit easier on you. Being knowledgeable about a system breakdown can help you think clearly and find solutions that work for your home. So, let’s talk about what can be done when your air conditioner breaks down.

Turn Your System Off

The first thing you can do to help steer clear of problems during an air conditioner breakdown is to turn the unit off. Too many homeowners try to restart their systems over and over again, thinking that this next time will be fine. This just puts more strain on an already stressed and broken air conditioner that needs help. Turn the system off at the first sign of a breakdown.

Check the Air Filter

Sometimes air filters can get so clogged that an air conditioner overheats and stops working. This is yet another reason to constantly change the air filter every 1 to 3 months. Neglecting this vital part of your air conditioner can cause breakdowns and poor functionality.

Evaluate Your System

Once the system is off and you’ve got a moment of quiet, think about your air conditioner. Is it 10 to 15 years old? Perhaps it’s older than that. An old air conditioner should be replaced with one that’s more efficient and effective at cooling your home.

Likewise, if this is the third or fourth time your air conditioner has broken down this year, consider calling a professional for a replacement. Believe it or not, a breakdown is a good point to start thinking about long-term solutions for the future, like a whole system replacement.

Call the Pros

Before you settle on a solution, call our team of professionals. A Professional HVAC technician is the only one licensed and certified to deal with your broken down air conditioner. Perhaps we’ve got a quick fix that can get it running again. Maybe it’s time to talk about a replacement air conditioner, and we can tell you all about the available technology that could work well for your home. Either way, call our team when you experience a breakdown.

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration has you covered. Call the doctor of home comfort today!

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