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Benefits of Great Air Conditioning You May Not Have Known

retro-womanCan you survive the summer without air conditioning? No, we’re not joking, there are serious health benefits for those who invest in an AC installation in Shreveport, LA. Everyone likes to consider summertime air conditioning a luxury, but when you have a business or family, comfort can be a priority. We always like to tell ourselves that being a little uncomfortable in the summertime really isn’t that bad if it saves us money … right?

On the contrary, being uncomfortable due to heat means an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, and a plethora of other potential health-related issues. Do you talk about your food or your car the same way that you talk about air conditioning? Just like ingesting rotten food could lead to illness, or driving a broken-down car could lead an accident, having no air conditioning could be detrimental to your quality of life.

So, let’s get into the specifics.

The Hidden Benefits of Air Conditioning

Sure, we could talk about comfort all day—but good air conditioning could actually benefit other aspects of your life as well.

Sound Asleep

Think of your bedroom as a cave. It should be dark, quiet, and cool. Doctors tell us that the optimal temperature of our bedrooms should be between 65-75°F. Of course, we know that some nights will be hotter than 75°F without air conditioning, which means that your sleep could be disrupted more than once throughout the summer. With a functioning air conditioner keeping your house cool, doesn’t it feel better knowing you’ll sleep soundly every night?

Closing Windows and Doors

Privacy is important to homeowners. When you don’t have air conditioning, you must rely on many windows being open throughout your house. Sometimes that even includes the door. What if you’d like to leave your door closed, or windows shut, for increased security or peace of mind? A functioning air conditioner lets you keep your windows and doors closed at your discretion. No need to worry about the stifling heat from keeping your house secure.

Improved Efficiency

Try working in a 95°F room for a few hours. Then try the same thing in a well-conditioned, 67°F room. The difference is quite measurable. People work better, faster, and more comfortably in air conditioning. It’s no surprise that most businesses invest in comprehensive air conditioning for their employees.

Hot Tempers

When the heat is on, your heart rate and blood pressure increase. We all become easier to bother and aggravate with hotter weather. Cooler temperatures literally cool us down, keeping us relaxed and happy.

Comfort isn’t the only thing our technicians can provide for you. Each minute you spend in air conditioning could be relieving stress and giving you the peace of mind you deserve. People like to talk about comfort as something we can do without, but scientifically it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Comfortable people are happier, healthier, and more productive than people suffering intense heat.

Call the doctor of home comfort today: Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. Don’t wait for your professional AC installation.

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