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Consider a New Gas Furnace for Superior Energy Efficiency

If you’re like the majority of homeowners, you have a gas furnace to provide warmth to your household during the winter. Gas furnaces are powerful, dependable, and can help keep utility bills under control since natural gas is a less costly fuel than electricity or other heating oils. However, an aging gas furnace will start to turn into an energy-waster: dirt, worn-down components, and other stress on the system will make it work harder than it should.

When you replace an old furnace, look for a new model that has a superior AFUE rating (which ranks fuel efficiency). These furnaces can achieve better energy conservation thanks to some of the following developments:

  • Second heat exchanger: High-efficiency furnaces known as condensing furnaces contain a second heat exchanger. This allows the furnace to receive even more heat energy out of the combustion gas by running the gas through a second stage where the vapor is condensed and more thermal energy released.
  • No standing pilot light: The standing pilot light that was a basic part of gas furnaces for decades has given way to electronic ignition systems. Pilot lights drain fuel continually since they must burn throughout the season, where electronic ignition systems only draw on power when the burners need to come on.
  • Sealed combustion chamber: Atmospheric combustion chambers draw air from the house, while sealed combustion chambers are shielded from the house, losing less energy (and staying safer as well).
  • Variable-speed blowers: Furnaces that use variable-speed blowers don’t need to have the blower fan run at the identical power level all the time. The furnace modulates the blower fan capacity to match the needs of the house, and the majority of the time will run on a more energy-conserving level.
  • Multi-stage burners: Burners in older furnaces only worked at the highest flames possible. A multi-stage furnace can adjust the strength of the burners to help the system save money without adversely affecting indoor comfort.

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