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Duct Cleaning Is Good for Your AC (And Your Heater!)

duct-cleaning-before-after“What, another thing I need to get cleaned regularly?” We know that keeping track of various maintenance tasks for a house can feel daunting, but duct cleaning is actually one that’s easy to have scheduled and completed. You don’t need it done every year, but it’s worth arranging for every 3 to 5 years. So if you’ve never had air duct cleaning done for your home before, you’re probably overdue for it.

Ah, but we haven’t got to the “why” part of duct cleaning. Why do you need to have this job done at all? There are many reasons, but since we’re settled into the heat of summer now, we’re going to look at how clean air ducts is good for your air conditioning system. (And we’ll throw in a mention of the heater as well in the parentheses, in case you reading this in the winter.)

The AC Is More Efficient

Your air conditioner’s blower fan (which the heater shares) has to push the cooled air from the unit through ducts into the rooms. If there’s plenty of dust, lint, dander, and other clingy “stuff” lining the duct interior, it places resistance on airflow. The blower motor must, therefore, work harder. When you have the ducts clean, it lets the AC “breathe” easier and costs less to run. (This applies to the heater as well.)

The AC Will Have Fewer Repair Problems

The extra strain that clogged-up ducts place on the motor can mean the motor failing. But all the dust and debris in the ductwork can also end up infiltrating the HVAC cabinet, where it can cause additional problems for the motors and block up the evaporator coil. Dirt in an air conditioner is a leading cause of malfunctions—so the cleaner the ducts, the fewer problems the AC will run into.

The AC Will Circulate Cleaner Air

When you have the air conditioning system running on a hot day, you want the air to feel refreshing. But if the air conditioner is blowing out clouds of dust and lint fibers from the ducts, the cool air won’t be as refreshing. It might even cause misery for people with allergy and asthma problems. (And this applies to the heater on cold days as well.) Duct cleaning gives you an air conditioner that sends out air that’s as pollutant-free as possible.

For your AC (and heater) to have all these benefits from clean ducts, you must have professionals handle the duct cleaning services in Shreveport, LA. There are many low-price offers for “duct cleaning” that don’t do the job advertised. We provide the thorough service that gives you results. Our team will seal off all the room vents and then use a power vacuum to change the pressure inside the ductwork. This agitates the contaminants from the walls of the ducts, making it easier for us to suction up the debris. We can get the whole job done in an hour or two—and you’ll have great AC (and heater) operation.

When you need duct cleaning, call the doctor of home comfort today! Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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