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A Few Common Heat Pump Repair Problems

snowflake-and-sunshine-housesThe heat pump is a hard-working comfort appliance. It puts in more work than a standard air conditioner or a furnace because a heat pump runs in both winter and summer. When it’s cold, a heat pump draws heat from the outside to warm the house. When it’s hot, a heat pump draws heat from out of the house to cool it. It uses the same components no matter if it’s in heating or cooling mode, so these parts can wear down rapidly over the years—twice as fast as an AC or a furnace.

The best way to keep a heat pump from succumbing to all this strain is to schedule maintenance twice a year, in spring and fall. Nothing can prevent every potential problem with a heat pump, however. We’re going to look at some of the more common troubles a heat pump may run into that will require calling experts to repair it.

Broken reversing valve

The reversing valve is an essential part that separates a heat pump from a standard air conditioner. An AC can only move heat one direction—from the inside of the house to the outside. The reversing valve in a heat pump changes the direction the system operates by redirecting the circulation of refrigerant so the heat pump moves heat from the outside of the house to the inside. The valve can become stuck or break, and if that happens the heat pump will stay trapped in one mode or the other. Technicians can fix this by replacing the reversing valve.

Failed defrost cycle

This is something that can occur during the winter with heat pumps. Because moisture develops across the outdoor coil of the heat pump as it absorbs heat, this moisture can often freeze. To prevent the ice from slowing down heat absorption, the heat pump occasionally switches into a defrost mode where it temporarily releases heat through the coil to melt the ice. The defrost cycle can fail, or in some cases draw on too much power and cause a circuit breaker in the house to trip. If you see ice developing along the outdoor coil, call for repairs.

Damaged Compressor From Floodback

Heat pumps use refrigerant differently than air conditioners. When in heating mode, they use less refrigerant, and the extra is stored in the suction accumulator, which adjusts the refrigerant based on seasonal need. It also stops refrigerant from “floodback,” which is refrigerant flowing the wrong direction back into the compressor. If floodback happens, it will cause permanent damage to the compressor. If you hear strange noises from the compressor, shut the heat pump off immediately and call for repair experts.

You can count on our technicians for heating repair in Shreveport, LA, no matter the time of year. We’re experienced with air conditioning, heat pumps, and refrigeration systems—we’re familiar with repairing all types of refrigerant-based appliances, including commercial systems. You can trust that we’ll have your heat pump working the way you need it, both in hot or cold weather.

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