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How Regular Heating Maintenance Will Save You Money

When the autumn colors change and the weather begins to cool, you know it’s time to have a maintenance visit for your home’s heater from a professional. We understand that people often don’t want to spend money on a maintenance program, and would rather simply pay whenever they need to schedule a repair job. But signing up for a maintenance program with a professional HVAC company is an investment. And it’s one that will pay off in the future, over and over again.

Here are some of the ways that a regular maintenance visit for your heater will help you save money year after year:

Keep up the heater’s energy efficiency

Your heating system has an energy efficiency rating that shows how well it converts its energy source (electricity, natural gas, etc.) into heating power. Furnaces and boilers have an AFUE rating, heat pumps have an HSPF rating. But if the heater doesn’t receive maintenance every year, its efficiency rating will start to decline—an average of 5% each year, perhaps more. That means in only a few years you will be paying a fifth to a quarter more than you should to run your heater. Maintenance will keep your heating bills under control.

Prevent needless repairs

A large part of what a maintenance technician does on the job is work to prevent future repair troubles. Around 85% of the repairs that a heater may need during its lifetime are because of lack of maintenance. Think of all the repairs that you won’t have to pay for because of annual inspections and tune-ups!

Delay replacing the heater

You want your heating system to endure for as many years as possible. That way you receive the best return on your initial investment. But if the heater wears down rapidly because it didn’t receive routine maintenance, you will end up needing to replace the system years too early—which is the biggest money waste of all.

Call Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today to sign up for our proactive service agreement to provide your heater (and AC) with annual maintenance. We service Keithport, LA and the surrounding areas.

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