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Is My Furnace Supposed to Rust?

Even though you may not understand the science behind how a furnace works (and we don’t expect you to) you’re likely well aware that water is not a component of a functioning system. That being said, why are you noticing rust in your heater? This is actually not an immediate cause for concern, but it’s still an issue that you should keep your eye on.

Rust, or iron oxide, forms when oxygen, water, and any iron mass are combined for a significant amount of time. What happens within a furnace is that there is a regular interaction of combustion gases with the metal of your furnace, eventually creating a rusty situation that could eventually break down your heat exchangers, causing them to crack and increasing the exposure of dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

Another cause of furnace rust is moisture from outside air through ductwork, or moisture from your air conditioner, which in many cases is positioned above a furnace. If you notice a small amount of rust, it’s nothing to be concerned about right away. In fact in most cases by the time the rust truly becomes a problem, it’s already time to replace your furnace anyway.

However, if your furnace has poor ventilation, this could increase the speed of the rust development, causing a breakdown of the heating system. So how can this be avoided? Proper maintenance is key. Enrolling in a maintenance program will ensure that you are remaining proactive when it comes to servicing your furnace.

By hiring a qualified maintenance professional to service your furnace, you are doing more than just ensuring your home is well heated during the winter. You are making your home safer, as the heat distribution process involves flames and combustible material. You are also preventing the onset of carbon monoxide poisoning, a very real and dangerous hazard.

At Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we understand the importance of having your system checked on a regular basis. Contact us today for more information regarding our services.

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