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It’s a Scorcher Summer: Will Your Air Conditioner Survive the Heat?

It’s going to be a long hot summer! If you’ve looked at the upcoming weather forecast and gotten nervous about all those days that will clock in at 100°F and above, well, you’re not alone. If you have a durable air conditioning system to manage the temperatures in your house, you can breathe a lot easier, however…

But wait… what if the AC can’t handle all that heat? What if it overheats and breaks down?

Some Reassurances, And Some Reminders

First, we’d like to ease your mind a bit about your air conditioning system and how sturdy it is. If you have a top brand installed, and professionals handled the work of putting it in, the system will probably do just fine no matter how hot it gets outside. ACs are designed to endure heat without components breaking from “heatstroke.”

But you need to remember that an air conditioner can only sail through the summer heat wave if it has regular maintenance from professionals. The annual spring check-up and tune-up reduces the strain the components will suffer when the temperature rises. For example, if the coils of the outside condenser cabinet aren’t given a regular cleaning, they won’t release enough heat to the outdoors. The system will then overheat, and this can cause the compressor to break. This is why we always emphasize our maintenance program: it’s the best way to feel reassured that your AC won’t shut down on you during the hottest days of the summer.

The Stressed Air Conditioner

Although extreme heat may not directly affect the components in an AC, it indirectly affects them because the air conditioner must do a great deal more work in hot weather. The added wear and tear can lead to malfunctions, but this is again something that maintenance helps to lessen.

Call the Doctor of Homes Comfort for service in Bossier City: Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration! We have 24-hour emergency service available should your AC break down.

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