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Keeping Cool in Summer—While Giving Your AC a Vacation!

The air conditioning system is a big hero around here during the summer months. There’s no better way to stay cool in your home than to have an AC humming away and sending out cooled-down air to the rooms.

But doesn’t your air conditioner deserve it’s own summer vacation now and then? True, it’s a machine and doesn’t have feelings about this—but when you give it short vacations, you’ll end up saving money not only on electrical bills, but on future repair bills for the AC.

Below are some ways to help stay cool while taking the pressure off your air conditioner:

  • Install a dehumidifier: If you don’t have whole-house dehumidifier for your home, make this a priority! Our weather grows awfully humid in summer, and all that extra moisture makes it more difficult for our bodies to release heat. That’s the reason muggy weather feels so much hotter and unpleasant. A dehumidifier in your home can make it feel like it’s 10° cooler—and that often means you can shut off the AC. Call our team and ask about installing a whole-house dehumidifier.
  • Have your leaky ducts sealed: It’s a smart idea to hire professionals to test your ducts and find air leaks… because those air leaks are a prime place where heated air will sneak into the ventilation system and spike temperatures. Once you have the leaks sealed, your house should be cooler in general.
  • Hang wet sheets and towels over windows: Okay, this is a much less low-tech way to keep cool. But it works! The ancient Egyptians were doing this long before anybody thought up the electro-mechanical air conditioner. Or thought up electrical anything! You’ll be amazed at how quickly a wet sheet over a breeze coming through a window will cool a room.
  • Keep yourself cool: Lowering your own body temperature is as important at lowering the temperature of the air around it. Drink plenty of cold fluids, dress in loose clothing (cotton is especially nice because its light and breathes), and take a lukewarm shower in the middle of the day.

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is here to help you stay cool in Bossier City, LA this summer.

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