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Save Money in the Long Run with Duct Repair

Air ducts are rarely ever the focus of HVAC needs. It’s much more fun to think about your heater or your air conditioner, when in reality the ducts are responsible for whatever woes you might be dealing with. After all, how do you expect the heated air that’s created from your HVAC system to reach your rooms without the help of the air ducts?

Basically, duct repair in Shreveport, LA is an essential service that will save you money. You might not believe us right now, but we’re going to expand on these details down below. You can trust that we know what we’re talking about, since we see firsthand the energy loss, uncomfortable temperatures, and HVAC breakdowns that are the results of neglected air ducts. Keep reading and we promise you’ll want to look into your duct quality.

How They Work

Air ducts are quite simple: they’re the pathway by which the heated or cooled air from your HVAC system reaches your home. Sometimes they can be made from sheet metal, while other times they’re made of various other materials responsible for snaking through the inner workings of your home to deliver what you pay for. We’ll be very clear from the start—no air ducts are built to last forever. They run into issues all the time.

Heat Expansion and Other Problems

Sometimes your air ducts can be resting at a reasonably normal temperature, like fifty degrees. Then, all of a sudden, a rush of heated air that’s twenty degrees warmer will start surging through them. If you remember anything from your high school physics class, you’ll know that materials expand when they are heated and contract when they cool. Your air ducts will try to expand with the heated air and then contract as they cool down, forcing strain on the entire air duct system.

This expansion and contraction over and over again for decades can likely lead your ducts to fall apart. They will start developing tears, gaps, holes, and other problems that will start leaking the heated or conditioned air that comes directly from your air conditioner or heater. The only sensible option at this point is duct repair.

Nip This in the Bud

If you’re wondering about the condition of your air ducts after what we just told you, but you’re deciding whether you should put that money into your heater—we’d beg you to reconsider. There is no heater service that will account for the loss of air through your air ducts. In fact, you might just be wasting money on your heater if that heated air never makes it to your room in the first place. Why not sign up with our team to have your air ducts examined and repaired?

Air duct repairs last for a long time. Once your ducts are fixed and sealed, they’ll be able to appropriately deliver air to the different parts of your home. Then we can start talking about what your heater or air conditioner might need. Deal?

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