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Don’t Let Warm Weather Trick You: Schedule Heating Repairs!

We’ve been enjoying a warm stretch of weather here at the end of the year and the start of the new one. It’s been warm enough that it’s easy to think that you might not really need your heating system working in top shape.

But winter is far from over. The average low temperature in January is in the mid-30s, and you can expect that we’ll experience a few weeks of weather when heating systems will need to put in steady work. If you noticed trouble with your heater during December, you can’t afford to ignore it and hope the system will get through the rest of the season. Always schedule heating repairs as soon as you notice problems… no matter the time of year.

Why fast heating repair is critical

  • Safety: If you have a natural gas-powered heating system for comfort, such as a gas furnace (the most common type of residential heater), then malfunctions can turn into safety hazards. A cracked heat exchanger, for example, can allow carbon monoxide into the air that enters the home. Even if you don’t think there’s a safety hazard with your furnace, always be on the safe side and have it repaired.
  • Expense: The longer you allow a furnace to continue running with something wrong with it, the worse the problem will grow. Most malfunctions are progressive, which means they’ll spread to other parts of the heater and create further malfunctions. The faster you have the repairs done, the less costly they will probably be.
  • Efficiency drops: Most heating system malfunctions make the heater work harder. This strain not only leads to further repairs, it also causes the energy efficiency of the heater to plunge. Your utility bills will rise until the problem is resolved.

You can reach our repair professionals 24 hours a day for when you need emergency heating repair.

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