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Springtime Is AC Maintenance Time!

Spring is finally here, which means the countdown begins until the hot temperatures reach our area. It’s time to take your air conditioner out of retirement and start giving it the pep talk it deserves! All jokes aside, anything you can do now to prepare for the heat of the summer is going to serve you well. Spring is the perfect time to get ceiling fans installed, your ducts repaired, and even AC maintenance in Shreveport, LA!

We’d like to use today as a reminder of how valuable and important maintenance services can be for your air conditioner. Not only will maintenance make you feel better after it’s performed, but you’ll also get to save money on avoided repairs, improved efficiency levels, and better system longevity!

So, let’s talk about maintenance and why you should schedule it today!

3 Benefits to AC Maintenance

Let’s start with some good reasons to invest in AC maintenance. For homeowners that might be on a stricter budget, or for people who don’t think that AC maintenance is worth it, these points are for you. In terms of savings, energy efficiency, and comfort, AC maintenance is absolutely worth it!

  • Save money in the long run. AC maintenance is proven to reduce the number of repairs an air conditioner might run into. This is important because repairs can be expensive, especially when something goes wrong outside of normal business hours. With maintenance, you can reduce repairs by up to 85%, as long as it’s scheduled on a routine yearly basis!
  • Get better energy efficiency. An air conditioner, on average, loses about 5% of its energy efficiency each year. This compounds, and after only a few years, you could see a reduction in 20% efficiency, which means you’re paying 20% more on your energy bill each month. Maintenance helps stop this efficiency depreciation so you can enjoy more energy and money saved.
  • Better AC performance. Homeowners agree that there’s a measurable difference between the cool air produced by a maintained air conditioner, and the air produced by one that’s unmaintained. Well-maintained air conditioners just perform better, so you can feel more comfortable in your home when you schedule an appointment today!

Why During the Spring?

This is a good question, but it’s inevitably one that homeowners ask us every year. Air conditioner maintenance isn’t required every spring, but spring is absolutely the best time to get it done. One reason this is true is that temperatures are milder so you’re not depending on your air conditioner yet. Also, our schedule is a lot less packed with emergency AC repair calls since summer isn’t here, so we can book an appointment that works on your schedule!

AC Maintenance Feels Great!

One thing that maintenance gives homeowners is peace of mind. Knowing that your air conditioner has been inspected and maintained by a professional feels great when hot temperatures hit and you’re dependent on the system. It becomes easier to enjoy the fun aspects of summer when you know that your air conditioning unit is in great shape and has been thoroughly vetted.

Call Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to schedule an AC maintenance appointment. Call the doctor of home comfort today!

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