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The Importance of Maintenance for Your Commercial Air Conditioning

We’re already in the middle of June, and the official start of summer is next month. When July arrives, we can expect to experience sweltering and humid temperatures. Is the air conditioning system that cools down your commercial business prepared to handle these conditions?

You need to be able to answer with a solid “yes,” because one of the last things you want occurring on the hottest day of the year is for your business to clear out because of a busted AC!

Regular maintenance for your commercial HVAC system is essential. If your business is like most, the air conditioning system is a packaged rooftop unit that functions as both an air conditioner and heater. You can’t have the system maintained only once a year in the fall; it must have spring or early summer maintenance as well. Here’s why this is so important:

  • Prevents surprise breakdowns: Maintenance is often called “preventive maintenance,” and for good reason. It’s primarily done to prevent serious malfunctions that can lead to the AC shutting down when the mechanical stress is too high. The professional technician inspects the system for places where preventive repairs are necessary, and does tune-ups to help relieve stress.
  • Lowers other repair issues: A properly maintained commercial HVAC system will experience 85% fewer repairs over its lifespan. That adds up to a lot of money and time saved.
  • Extends equipment life: A commercial HVAC system is a significant investment for your company. You want to get the most years possible out of it, and only regular maintenance will ensure that the system enjoys the longest service life—rather than an early demise.
  • Reins in energy bills: If you allow a commercial HVAC system to suffer from wear and tear without any relief, the system will work at lower energy efficiency. Energy bills will skyrocket—something that’s easily preventable with that spring visit each year from a trained commercial HVAC specialist.

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