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Times When You Should Replace Your Boiler

The winter isn’t quite over yet, but we’ll soon start to enjoy warmer temperatures here in Louisiana, and that means we can ease back on how much we use our heating systems. Now is a good period to start considering making a major change in the way you heat your home.

For example, if you use a boiler to supply cozy comfort to your household, think about its performance during the previous winter. A number of factors may point toward the need to replace the system with a new one. We’ll take a look at some of the indications that installing a new boiler is a job to take care of once winter is over.

  • Basic old age: The first question to ask yourself when you’re debating if it’s time to replace your boiler is how old it actually is. If the boiler came with the house, it may already be quite old: check on the installation date. Although some boilers can last more than 20 years, this is rare. Once a boiler is past 15 years of service, it is probably running at lower energy efficiency and is in danger of suffering from a breakdown—such as the next time you need it when winter comes around again.
  • Leaking: Noticing an occasional leak on a boiler is cause to call for repair technicians, as it often indicates a loose connection or an increase in water pressure. But when leaks start to become frequent and you’re accustomed to seeing water pooling beneath the tank, the boiler is probably past its prime.
  • Corrosion: Boilers are designed to prevent the water in the tank from mixing with air, helping to prevent rust. However, rust will eventually take hold after enough years. It can sometimes be repaired if caught in time and it only affects a component that can be replaced. Otherwise, corrosion of any kind affecting a boiler is reason to have it replaced.

If you want an opinion on the state of your boiler, give us a call. Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration serves Barksdale, AFB.

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