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Why Timing Is Everything with Heating Repair

Although you probably haven’t needed to turn your home heating system on yet this season—we’re experiencing a hot-to-warm fall so far—it won’t be long until it will be putting in regular work. We hope that you’ve already arranged for a maintenance visit from one of our heating professionals to see that your heater is ready for the job. (If you haven’t, it’s certainly not too late to sign our Proactive Service Agreement!)

This is also a time to think about repairing your heating system. Going into the winter with a heater that needs repair work is a risky situation.

“Repairs? But if I haven’t started to use my heater yet, how can I…”

Let’s pause right there. Ask yourself if you think that your heating system is in good shape. If you’ve had maintenance already for the season, then you’ll have an idea about its condition. One of the main jobs of regular maintenance is to catch repair issues that might have escaped your notice. You’ll have time to repair the issue before the cold weather arrives. Don’t delay: a sudden change in the temperature could arrive at any time!

If you still haven’t had maintenance done, think about the end of the last heating season. When you shut down your furnace in the spring as warm weather took over, were you noticing the furnace struggling to provide heat? This decline is a common problem at the end of a long season of work for any appliance, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Timing is crucial for repairs: the sooner you have them done, the fewer problems you’ll encounter in the future. If you shut down your furnace at the end of the last winter with lingering issues, you could face a serious malfunction when you turn it on again.

So if you have any reason to suspect that your furnace needs repair work, contact our team right away. We’ll make sure that your heater is in great shape to handle the rigors of another winter season.

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