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Why Is My AC Grinding?

Grinding is never a good noise to hear. In fact, it’s one of the worst noises to hear! Not only is it so jarring and upsetting that it can completely and abruptly stop any conversation, but it also means that something is wearing down the internal components of your system. A grinding noise is usually made by two metal objects rubbing against each other and creating friction. Without proper lubricant or repairs, it’s just going to get worse.

This blog post is dedicated to troubleshooting your grinding air conditioner. We’ll talk about why this sound might come up, what it means, and why it’s so important that you call our team for AC repair in Shreveport, LA. We’ll diagnose your system properly and fix it in record time. Don’t let your system get worse, especially with summertime only a few months away!

What Makes a Grinding Noise?

As we mentioned earlier, grinding is the sound of metal on metal, and it’s never a good sign. If your car or computer starts grinding, you can probably tell that it needs a fix or its days are numbered. When it comes to a grinding AC, the problem can usually be targeted to two specific locations:

  • The compressor. When your compressor system pressurizes the refrigerant in your air conditioner, it uses an immense amount of power to do so. This requires the use of pistons, and those pistons function just like the ones in a car engine, moving very quickly up and down. If they lose lubrication, break apart, or even get worn down, they’ll start grinding against the metal. This causes heat and deterioration which we’ll talk about later.
  • A fan belt. Your blower fan requires a rubber belt to run properly. When the belt frays and starts to wear out, it can rub against metal components and create a grinding noise. While it’s not as expensive or bad as a compressor problem, it can definitely cause your system to come to an abrupt halt.

The Problem With a Grinding AC

We mentioned these two things earlier, but we need to go into more detail about them. The two main byproducts of a grinding air conditioner are heat and deterioration, both of which can lead to a system breakdown.

Heat is terrible for your air conditioner because it’s working hard to move heat away from your home. The more heat it produces, the less cool air it will be able to create, and the likelihood increases of your outdoor component overheating.

Deterioration is bad for a number of reasons. Not only will it ruin the efficiency of your system, since the friction requires more energy to run a cooling cycle, but it will also cause components to break apart. This can lead to your air conditioner requiring a very early replacement, an expensive cost that all homeowners should try to avoid.

Shut Off the System and Call Our Team

The solution to this problem is simple, shut down your system and call our team for support. We’ve seen these kinds of problems before and we know how to alleviate them properly!

The pros at Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can help. Call the doctor of home comfort today.

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