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Why You Should Schedule Duct Cleaning

Spring cleaning time is here, and that means you should get your home prepared for air conditioning. That starts with scheduling your annual spring maintenance (check out our maintenance program). However, you may also need to have the ducts of your HVAC system professionally cleaned if a few years have passed since it was last done—or if you’ve never had it done before.

Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important

You can’t see the inside of the ducts that make up the ventilation system, so it’s difficult to understand just how dusty and dirty they can get over a few years. A large amount of debris moves through the HVAC system each year (approximately 40 lbs. of dust for a six-room house!) and much of it will become trapped on the duct walls. The more becomes trapped, the more will become trapped.

This has a number of negative consequences, most notably the strain it places on air flow from the air conditioner and the heater. The additional stress will cause an increase in utility bills. The debris inside the ducts can also start to enter the HVAC cabinet, leading to damage to motors and unnecessary repairs.

All that dust in the ventilation system will also contribute to a decline in air quality. Each time the blower for the AC (or the heater) turns on, a heavy concentration of these air pollutants will be shot out into your air.

Professionals will see that you have these troubles eliminated with a thorough air duct cleaning service!

Have Dryer Vent Cleaning Done As Well

At the same time that you schedule your home’s air duct cleaning, you should also arrange to have the vent from your clothes dryer cleaned out. This is an important job that will not only see that the dryer works effectively, but also prevents one of the leading causes of house fires, which is lint in the dryer hose igniting. Your professional duct cleaners can take care of this job during the same visit.

Right now, Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is offering a special on duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning in Bossier City, LA and all our other service areas.

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