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You Can’t Afford to Ignore “Minor” Air Conditioning Repairs at the End of Summer

The summer is a tough time for air conditioning systems in homes. They need to run during most days to protect the people in the household from the hot and humid Louisiana weather. If an AC shows signs that it’s malfunctioning, it must have repair work done as soon as can be arranged so that the home doesn’t lose its vital cooling.

But what about at the end of the summer? If an air conditioner seems to be experiencing minor trouble, is it still important to have repairs done right away? Can’t they wait until spring, when it’s time for regular maintenance?

The simple answer is: No, they can’t.

No such thing as a “minor” air conditioning problem

We need to get this misconception out of the way: any malfunction in an air conditioner needs to be fixed right away. Even if the trouble is something that seems innocuous (a clicking noise from the cabinet) and isn’t having any sort of obvious impact on the system’s cooling ability. Air conditioning malfunctions are usually progressive, which means that they will worsen and cause other malfunctions to occur. For example, a motor that is wearing down will eventually burn-out and that could potentially cause damage to the compressor. The sooner you have a small repair fixed, the less expensive it will be and the fewer problems you will experience in the future.

Don’t trust the weather to play nice after summer

You also do not want to risk that your air conditioner will take a sharp decline, or even break down entirely, during the rest of the year. The hot weather isn’t necessarily done with us after August—and if your air conditioner decides to give out because it missed vital repairs, you may find yourself spending a miserably hot day waiting for technicians to fix the problem.

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