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5 Reasons You Might Want to Replace Your AC

Air conditioners don’t last forever. This is just a hard rule of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a central AC system, a heat pump, or some alien technology that was beamed into your house from a spaceship–it’s just not going to last forever! All jokes aside, there’s a time and a place for figuring out when your AC system needs replacement, and our team is devoted to informing our customers so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

So, when might you want to invest in AC replacement in Shreveport? That’s what this blog post is here to answer! We’re going to mention some of the top reasons why a homeowner might need to replace their air conditioner, and we’ll link to our Contact Us page below it, so you can schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today!

Evaluate Your AC With a Professional

Below we’re going to go into detail about 5 ways to tell if you should replace your AC. But we don’t think you should make this decision alone! Call up your favorite local HVAC professional and get them to give you a second opinion as well. Then, you’ll know that you’re making a sound decision that’s backed by the advice of a professional.

  1. The age of the system. An air conditioner is only designed to last between 10-15 years. This doesn’t mean you won’t find AC systems running past their 20th year, but you won’t find any efficient air conditioning units running for that long. Wear and tear takes a heavy toll on units like these and will end up costing more money to operate in the long run.
  2. The efficiency of your technology. Efficiency is a major reason to replace an air conditioner. If it’s using too much electricity to run, then that means you’re also paying too much to operate it.
  3. How comfortable your home is. Your home deserves to be cool and comfortable all year round. If it’s not, then that sounds like a big problem with your air conditioning unit. Our team can find an AC system that’s designed precisely to keep you comfortable at an affordable rate.
  4. The frequency of issues or repairs. If you’re calling our team every year or even twice a year for repairs on your air conditioner, then something is seriously wrong with it and it needs to be replaced. Only a new replacement will be able to function smoothly without needing to be fixed so often!
  5. A single very expensive repair need. If your air conditioner has a broken compressor, that could be one of the most expensive repair needs possible. This can shock some homeowners and cause them to spend way too much money on a repair when what they really should be investing in is a replacement! Check with a professional and see if replacing the whole system is going to benefit you more in the long run.

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