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Is It Too Early to Think about Air Conditioning Maintenance?

sun-and-snowflake-badgeIt’s March, and March means the start of spring… although not until later in the month. But we are already experiencing hotter weather here in the Shreveport area. The temperatures can go through major shifts during March, a month that is proverbially known for its unpredictability. (Does it enter like a lion and leave like a lamb, or is it the other way around?) You may still need your heating system in the coming weeks, but if you’re wondering if it’s time to consider scheduling air conditioning maintenance, the answer is a big “yes.”

Summer Planning Starts Now

It’s best to ignore the unpredictable weather and simply think of March as the period of change from the heating season to the cooling season. No matter the actual temperatures of the month, this is when we recommend that you make plans for putting your home’s air conditioner back into use.

The main step is air conditioning maintenance. You can arrange for your spring AC maintenance through our Proactive Service Agreement. This agreement not only provides you with both air conditioning and heating maintenance during the year, it offers a number of other benefits such as a 20% discount on all parts and priority service so you can jump to the head of the work queue.

Why We Recommend Scheduling Your AC Maintenance in March

The closer that we move to the summer and continual warm/hot days, the busier HVAC technicians will become. One of the reasons that we urge homeowners to arrange for their annual air conditioning maintenance now is because it’s easier to get on the schedule at a time that’s convenient for you. You will also have the work done in enough time that it’s easy to arrange for any repairs that the air conditioner may need. This is, after all, one of the main reasons to have maintenance done in the first place: to discover if there are places where malfunctions will develop, or have already developed but not yet given off signs. The earlier you have the maintenance inspection, the higher the chance that you’ll have any necessary repairs completed before the time when you need the AC the most.

Let’s Consider Air Conditioning Replacement

There’s another reason why moving early on air conditioning maintenance is wise: it may end up that you need to have a new air conditioner installed. This is something that you absolutely want to know early on, since it takes longer to replace an AC than to repair it.

During maintenance, your technician can give you a full diagnostic on whether your older AC is worth keeping. An air conditioner that is more than 10 to 15 years old is at a point where it needs an annual assessment about whether it should retire. Your technician can help with a long-term estimate on how much it might cost to keep using your current air conditioner and compare it to the costs and benefits of a new air conditioner.

No matter what air conditioning service in Stonewall, LA you need, you can depend on our professionals for the work.

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