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Commercial Refrigeration FAQ: When to Call a Professional

Most laypersons don’t understand how vital a commercial cooler is to a restaurant business. When the power goes out in a home, a warm refrigerator might be the least of anyone’s worries—but in the case of a faulty walk-in refrigerator, a business could lose thousands of dollars in product and health violations. That’s why we’d like to talk about the most common questions we get pertaining to restaurant equipment in Shreveport, LA, and when it’s a good time to call a professional for your cooling issue.

We understand that this might not be the most important blog post to homeowners in our area, but we know how important this kind of information can be to a panicking restaurant owner. Hiring the wrong refrigeration technician can mean a failed health and safety inspection as well as the reputation that comes with that. Let’s avoid these worst-case scenarios by being more informed and prepared for problems to come.

1. How Important Is Professional Service?

This is an easy one, the answer is: very important. Restaurants, especially successful ones, are busy. Owners, chefs, and servers often don’t have nearly enough time to calibrate the settings on a refrigerator, check electrical panels, or gauge whether a thermometer is working correctly. This means that when a problem does occur, (unless you’ve got the right technician on hand to call for immediate help) you’re going to be running around trying to solve problems that you’re not prepared for. We recommend having a professional perform thorough maintenance on your coolers to make sure they don’t break down during the dinner rush.

2. What’s the Cost of Professional Service?

We totally understand the hesitance to hire a professional technician for your walk-in cooler problems. After all, hiring a professional means money that you might not have to pay if you don’t call them, right?

Not exactly! The problems that a malfunctioning refrigerator can cause might exceed tenfold the cost of a maintenance visit by a trained and certified professional. If your cooler is about to go, having a professional technician check on it early might mean having it repaired before it fails, whereas a cooler that isn’t addressed and that fails could ruin all the products in it. Don’t get us started on what you might lose if your freezer fails as well. The cost of professional repairs and maintenance on your refrigeration unit is always better than the cost of wasted produce.

3. Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. We’re not just talking about money, but the health of your customers. Improperly stored produce, meat, or dairy can become dangerous when served to unsuspecting customers. Professional refrigeration technicians are well acquainted with the correct temperatures that coolers should be functioning at—which means you never have to question whether or not your freezer or refrigerator is the correct temperature.

Anyone will tell you that the health and safety of your establishment are more than worth the money that a cooler or freezer repair would cost. So, don’t hesitate if you’re experiencing issues with your refrigeration equipment.

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