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Common Problems with an Aging Furnace

i-have-a-headache-this-bigFurnaces don’t last forever. That being said, they last a pretty long time and often by the time our team is called, they’ve long passed the point of no return. While we wish there were easy clues to an aging furnace for homeowners in our area that don’t know much about them, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Every aging furnace shows their age in a different way, and we’d like to provide a list of some common problems that signal your system is getting too old.

While heating repair in Shreveport, LA might be a great solution to this problem, it might not be the best solution. As furnaces get older, repairs get more expensive, parts get harder to find, and the system itself becomes more prone to repairs. While repairs could be cheap at the moment, a whole system replacement might be a more effective and efficient solution that will save you a lot more money in the long run.

Signs of Aging

Gas and electric furnaces only last 10-15 years, with only a rare few lasting two decades. As your furnace gets older, it will begin to show signs of its age. These could give you the clues you need to call a professional and start talking about system replacement.

  • Increased Frequency of Repairs. As your furnace gets older, it will need repairs more frequently. While each repair might not be very expensive, they all add up and eventually might cost half or even more than the amount of a new furnace! Not only that, but frequent repairs are a major pain and if you’re looking to have some peace of mind, it might be time for a replacement.
  • Higher Heating Bills. While this might not be very applicable during a very cold winter, since everyone’s heating bills will be high, we’re talking comparatively to your last year’s heating bill. If you’re noticing a steady uptick in the amount you pay each year for heat, without actually feeling the difference, then your system might be working harder to produce the same amount of heat—which signifies an aging furnace that really should be replaced.
  • Poor Performance. A furnace is supposed to make you feel warm during the chilly winters. If it can’t perform this job, then it’s really just a hunk of metal in your basement that’s costing you money. Don’t deal with being chilly when you could be warm. Get a furnace replacement if your system just can’t do its job.
  • Strange Noises and Smells. Noises and smells could signify many things but there is one main reason why you should call a professional when encountering these things—safety. A strange smell coming from a gas furnace could signify a gas leak or a carbon monoxide problem, which is a dangerous issue to encounter. Similarly, with noises, a strange noise could mean that there is a loose part or a crack in your system that could be a safety concern. Call a professional today to address this as soon as possible!

If any of these points sound familiar, don’t hesitate to call our team today for a system replacement.

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