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Does Turning My Thermostat Down Lower Cool the House Faster?

The simple answer to this question: No, turning the thermostat as low as possible won’t speed up cooling your home.

This is a common misunderstanding people have about both thermostats and air conditioning systems, and it results in an unfortunate waste of energy and additional strain on ACs that can shorten their lifespan and make repair needs more frequent. We could just tell you to maintain a higher thermostat setting in the 70s (78°F is recommended for general comfort) and leave it at that, but we believe that informing our customers helps both them and us. So below we’ll explain in greater depth why setting the thermostat too low is unhelpful and can backfire on you.

How the Thermostat Works with the Air Conditioner

A thermostat is a switch. It can be a switch attached to a complicated computer-based system, but at the core it is a switch that determines whether the air conditioning system’s compressor and fans are on or off. It isn’t a throttle that changes the speed or cooling capacity of the air conditioner. This is why setting the thermostat down at a cold setting, such a 60°F (usually the lowest setting) doesn’t result in faster cooling. What it does is instruct the AC’s compressor to continue working until it reaches that temperature. You’re not receiving cooler faster, you’re instead committing the compressor to working for longer.

Why This Is Wasteful and Bad for the Air Conditioner

You actually don’t want your home to be 60°F. It’s simply too cool for indoor comfort. If you put your air conditioner at 60°F or another low setting, you’ll end up with an uncomfortable home and waste up to 25% more energy. This also forces the compressor to run for longer, speeding up the wear and tear that can result in an early replacement for the system or an emergency breakdown.

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