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The AC Danger Zone: Why This Time of Year Is Rough for Your Air Conditioner

Late August: a time of back-to-school sales and some pretty bad movies getting dropped into theaters. It’s also a time when your air conditioner is going to face the hardest fight of the year. It’s the true “danger zone” for air conditioning equipment, as we’ll explain.

Your air conditioner had been doing steady work for months

You probably put your home’s AC to work in May—and there have probably been very few days since when it didn’t run for hours at a time. With our hot and humid climate, an air conditioner has to put in a great deal of work to maintain comfort for a home.

The end of August is the time when all that strain and stress can catch up to the system. Even with regular maintenance, an AC isn’t immune to suffering from malfunctions at this point of the year, especially for a system that’s more than 10 years old. The high moisture levels in the air also contribute to the strain on the system.

Some problems your air conditioner may run into

High levels of wear and tear on an air conditioner can mean mechanical and electrical failures. Motors that burn out as they overheat, compressors becoming tight and struggling to start up, and failing capacitors. Another common issue is dirt along the outdoor evaporator coil, which will trap too much heat in the system and seriously impair its ability to cool down a home.

What you can do about this

For starters, whenever you notice anything wrong with the air conditioner—like a drop in cooling or odd clicking sounds from the cabinet—call our repair team! Never ignore possible problems just because it’s the end of the summer, since you may end up trapped with a busted air conditioner on a hot day. We have 24-hour service to come to the rescue.

You can also help ease some strain on the AC by making sure to change its filter, and maintaining a higher setting on the thermostat. (We recommend 78°F during the day, and raising it by 8°F at night.)

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