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Frozen Daiquiri Machines and the History of the Daiquiri

We offer a number of quality commercial refrigeration services, but probably no service we offer sounds more appealing than the installation, repair, and maintenance of frozen daiquiri machines. It’s hard to locate people who don’t find frozen daiquiris appealing. If you run an establishment that serves daiquiris, they’re probably one of your most popular items. It’s important that you have professionals handle any service for your machine to make sure that it provides the smoothest and best blended daiquiris possible.

A brief history of the daiquiri

A daiquiri consists of a mixture of rum, lime, and sugar. Obviously, people have mixed together these ingredients for centuries, long before the daiquiri was named. Earlier drinks that used this blend include Ti Punch, Caipirinha, and Medford sour. It was the use of Carta Blanca Rum (aged and filtered) that created the “official” daiquiri. The inventor of the recipe was reputedly a U.S. mining engineer, Jennings Cox, who came up with the mixture around 1900 and named it after a beach and iron mine near Santiago de Cuba.

The drink became popular in the 1940s when wartime rationing on grain alcohol made whiskey and vodka harder to obtain, while rum was plentiful through U.S. trade with the Caribbean. In 1948, the daiquiri achieved a special place of honor in David Embury’s book The Art of Mixing Drinks as one of the six basic cocktails to master. (The others are the martini, Manhattan, old fashioned, sidecar, and Jack Rose.)

So when did people start serving frozen daiquiris?

The earliest known mention of a frozen daiquiri is a frozen strawberry daiquiri in a book of electric blender recipes published in the 1952. The development of commercial refrigeration technology allowed this frozen delight to boom. Right at the point where the drink had started to seem a bit old fashioned to a younger generation, the science of frozen slushie machines gave it a new life that continues today.

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers commercial refrigeration services, including services for frozen daiquiri machines, in Shreveport, LA.

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