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It’s Fall: Time to Schedule That All-Important Heating Maintenance Visit!

We are now fully into the fall season, with Halloween and Thanksgiving only a few short leaps away on the calendar. After that, we expect the cold weather to arrive. Is the heating system in your home ready to take on the challenge of the coming winter? The best way to make certain is to call for an HVAC professional to visit your home and give the heating system its annual inspection, cleaning, and tune-up. The process only takes about an hour, and the benefits are tremendous.

Some of the benefits of fall heating maintenance:

  • Less chance of a winter breakdown: The last thing you want to happen during the coldest day of the year is for your heater to abruptly stop working. You never want to head into winter with a doubtful heating system! Maintenance will see that the heater is in the best shape possible so that you won’t need to worry that it will do its job the next time you need it.
  • Maintain high energy efficiency: If your heater doesn’t receive routine maintenance, it will begin to strain harder to do its job. As a result, it will cost more to run. Adjustments and cleanings during maintenance will see that the heater doesn’t operate under extra stress that will cause your bills to rise.
  • Prevent repairs: Maintenance is sometimes called preventive maintenance because it prevents future repair problems from occurring. This is both convenient and money-saving.
  • Extended equipment life: You want to receive the most years of service that you can from your heater, since a premature replacement is an expensive proposition. Annual maintenance will help the heater achieve a long lifespan.

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers a proactive service agreement that will see to maintenance for both your heating and your air conditioning system. Call us today to learn more details and to sign up. We service Bossier City, LA and the surrounding areas.

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