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Have Your Heating System Tuned-Up—It’s Still Not Too Late!

Thanksgiving is over—and the winter holiday decorations are already up while shopping ads flood the airwaves. It may not be “officially” winter yet, but the season is almost here. And that means the cold weather is almost here as well.

But if you haven’t already arranged for an inspection and tune-up for your home heating system, don’t despair! There’s still time—and you shouldn’t skip it, since it’s the best way to see that your heating system works for many years to come.


Boilers are known for requiring less repair work than other heating systems and enjoying longer service lives. But you can only enjoy these benefits from your boiler if the system has annual tune-ups. Boilers are in danger of developing corrosion and leaks if they aren’t regularly maintained.


Furnaces are the most common type of home heating system, and they have many specific maintenance requirements that must be seen to each year—and this is true whether it’s a gas or electric model. Maintenance for a gas furnace also does the important job of seeing that it operates safely: the technician will check for spots where gas leaks might develop and recommend repairs that will keep the furnace working without dangers.

Heat Pumps

Yes, a heat pump needs a fall inspection and tune-up! People often think that a heat pump only requires one visit a year, done in spring. But the amount of work that heat pumps handle during the summer adds a great deal of stress on them. If that stress isn’t relieved with a fall tune-up, the heat pump will be in real danger of losing energy efficiency in the winter.

It’s not difficult at all to arrange for a heating system tune-up: contact us and ask about our Proactive Service Agreement. This will not only take care of your heater for winter, it will see to your air conditioner for summer.

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