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How to Reduce Worries about Carbon Monoxide Leakage with Your Furnace

Carbon monoxide. It’s a term that’s pretty frightening to people, especially since has earned the nickname “the silent killer” because it’s an odorless, colorless, and toxic gas. Carbon monoxide (CO) is found in the fumes from combustion engines, and if it builds up inside a house it can create major health problems.

If you use a gas furnace for warmth, you’re likely aware that you need to take precautions regarding CO leaks. Although modern furnaces are manufactured with safety in mind, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your family from CO. Here are some tips to help stay safe during the coming winter.

Have the furnace professionally inspected and tuned-up

A gas furnace must have professional maintenance each fall. This helps keep the unit working at high efficiency and gives technicians a chance to carefully examine the system and find malfunctions that could lead to CO leaks or blocks in exhaust ventilation. The part of the furnace that requires the closest inspection is the heat exchanger. If cracks develop in the heat exchanger, the combustion gas that gathers inside it will escape. If technicians discover a cracked heat exchanger or one that has corrosion, they will replace it. In cases of older furnaces, they may recommend replacing the entire furnace.

Place carbon monoxide detectors in your home

Because you can’t see or smell CO, you should have devices placed in your home that will monitor carbon monoxide levels and alert you when they rise. CO detectors work much like smoke detectors, and most run from batteries. If you already have detectors, make sure to test them during the fall to see if their batteries need changing.

Always arrange furnace repairs as soon as possible

There’s no such thing as a “small” furnace repair. Any issue that you notice with your furnace must have professional repairs done right away: a malfunctioning furnace could eventually lead to CO leaks.

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