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Why Is My Heat Pump/Air Conditioner Always Running?

The question in the title of today’s post is a dilemma that we often hear from our customers. In fact, it’s almost as common to hear as “Why won’t my system start running?” Believe us, a system that won’t stop is just as much of a problem for a home as one that won’t even start. When you come across this problem, get on the phone and call for our repair technicians to solve the problem.

Why an AC/Heat Pump Won’t Cycle Off

There are a number of causes for an air conditioner running nonstop. A reason that you need to have professional on the repair job is because only an experienced technician will be able to determine what the actual issue is and then fix it correctly.

  • Malfunctioning thermostat: One of the first things that technicians check is to see if there’s a problem with the thermostat. A loss of connection between the thermostat and the air conditioner or heat pump will result in the thermostat being unable to signal the system to shut down. The thermostat may also be reading wrong temperatures and think the house is too hot, and therefore it will not turn off the AC.
  • Electrical issue: The service switches that control the flow of electricity to the air conditioner/heat pump can develop faults, in which case they will prevent the system from shutting down.
  • Dirty coils: If there is too much dirt developing on the indoor coils, the system will start losing its ability to lower the temperature (the coil is where heat is absorbed in an AC and in a heat pump in cooling mode). Sufficient grime on the coils will mean the system will never be able to get the temperature down enough and will continue to run.

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers air conditioning and heat pump repair services in Shreveport, LA.

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