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It’s a Warm Fall… But It’s Already Time to Pay Attention to Your Heater!

The start of fall is this week—but it might as well still be the middle of summer with the hot temperatures that we’re still enjoying. With the weather the way it is now, how in the world can you think about the winter ahead and taking care of your heating system?

We understand! The winter chills still seem impossibly far away. But that’s why right now is a great time to call our technicians and get on the schedule for your heating maintenance: not many other people are doing this, so you’ll have an easy time getting a convenient appointment schedule in October.

This is an important job to have done before winter… and here’s why!

A heating system isn’t much different from other powered mechanical devices that see use over the year. The stress and strain on a heater will cause it to wear down, just like putting miles on a car. You wouldn’t want to keep driving your car year after year without a tune-up. Make sure that your heating system receives the same kind of treatment!

  • Longer lifespan: Let’s take the example of a gas furnace (probably the best choice, because it’s so common). A gas furnace can last between 16 to 20 years with annual maintenance helping to keep it running. Without maintenance, cut those numbers in half!
  • Safety: Again, let’s turn to the gas furnace. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent a gas furnace from turning into a safety hazard. Technicians will catch dangers like gas leaks and cracked heat exchangers so you can have them fixed before you need to turn the furnace on.
  • Energy savings: When a heating system wears down, it costs more to run… simple as that! Maintenance every year keeps the heater from declining too early, and that means a heater that retains 95% of its energy-saving performance for most of its life. (A long life!)
  • Peace of mind: We think this is the best benefit of heating maintenance: knowing that your heater will make it through the cold weather when it arrives with few problems. Annual maintenance armors up your heater for the winter to come. Get it done now so you can relax through the rest of the fall.

Call the Doctor of Home Comfort: Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Shreveport, LA. We offer an excellent Proactive Service Agreement to keep your heating and air conditioning system in prime shape.

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