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An End-of-Season Air Conditioning Evaluation

The official start of fall is a bit more than a week away—the 22nd, to be exact. The summer weather hasn’t gone away yet, however, with temperatures still sometimes hitting the 90s. But it won’t be long before the cooler weather arrives and your air conditioning system will take more and more breaks, and then eventually go into its winter hibernation period. It’s a good time to evaluate your air conditioners performance over the last season and make some choices about it going forward.

Grade your AC’s performance this summer

Do you give your air conditioner a solid “A” for the season? That means it kept your home comfortable whenever it turned on, it turned on at the right times, and the utility bills were the same as always. Or was it more like a “C” this semester, with some repair issues and a few too many hot spots in the house? Think about the grade, and ways to improve it if necessary: this can mean scheduling repairs, asking questions during maintenance, or even replacing the system.

How old is the air conditioner?

Make sure you know how long your AC has been at work in the house—especially if it was already there when you moved in. If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, it’s probably due for a replacement. If it’s at this age, and you gave it anything less than a “B+” for the season, consider having it replaced when the weather cools down.

Are you interested in new AC technology?

With special high-efficiency air conditioning systems currently on the market, you might want to have your older AC retire even if it’s still earning a “B.” You can not only significantly reduce your utility bills with a high-efficiency variable-speed HVAC system, but you’ll have superior comfort as well. Talk to our specialists about some of the options available when it comes to air conditioning replacement.

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