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It’s Spring: Time to Arrange for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring has finally arrived, and although this doesn’t mean an automatic increase in outdoor temperatures, it’s the beginning of the climb toward summer weather. And that also means it’s the time to schedule the annual inspection and tune-up for your air conditioning system. Call our office today and ask about our Proactive Service Agreement that provides maintenance for your air conditioning system (as well as your heating system later in the year). The agreement comes with other benefits as well: speak to one of our team members today to learn more.

Why maintenance is so important

There are many reasons to have air conditioning maintenance done each year in time for summer. Here are just a few:

  • Increased Equipment Life: You don’t want your AC dying after only a few years of services. That’s a big waste of money. But if the system goes without regular maintenance, there’s a much higher chance that it won’t make it to its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan—or even halfway to it!
  • Fewer Repairs: Here’s a fact that will put maintenance in perspective: around 85% of repairs an AC might need are preventable thanks to regular inspections. That’s a lot of time and money you’ll save if you keep up with routine maintenance.
  • Stop Emergency Breakdowns: The best short-term reason to have maintenance is that it prevents that most dreadful of all summer catastrophes… the hot day when the AC refuses to work. You’ll head into the summer season with confidence in your air conditioning system if you have maintenance done in the spring.
  • Keep Bills Under Control: The energy efficiency of an AC suffers for every year that it skips maintenance. On average, an air conditioner will lose 5% of its efficiency rating when this happens, and so after only a few years, you could be paying 25% more to cool your home than you should.

Contact Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to sign up for our Proactive Service Agreement. We serve Ruston, LA and the surrounding areas.

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