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What You Can Expect During Your AC Maintenance This Spring

It’s April, and spring is now fully underway. Last week we posted an important reminder about scheduling air conditioning maintenance so that your home’s cooling system will be prepared for the warm weather to come—especially when springs turns into summer. (And that time will be here before you know it!)

Below we’ve listed some of the steps you can expect your HVAC technicians to take during the standard maintenance visit. We’re sharing this information because it will help you understand how these inspections and tune-ups make your AC more reliable, effective, and energy efficient through the hot months of the year:

  • Thermostat check and recalibration: A thermostat that’s sensing the wrong temperatures in a house will lead to a poorly functioning air conditioner.
  • Change/clean the air filter: A clogged air filter will lower air flow, reduce comfort, raise bills, and cause other troubles with the air conditioner.
  • Clean the condenser coil: The outdoor coil of the air conditioner releases heat from the home, but it cannot do this job effectively if it’s covered with grime and dirt.
  • Lubricate motors: If the motors are suffering from wear because of loss of lubricant, the technicians will take care of it.
  • Check refrigerant level: If the refrigerant level has dropped, it means that the AC has leaks somewhere that must be repaired.
  • Tighten loose electrical connections: Loose electrical connections are a leading cause of air conditioning system malfunctions.
  • Clean the condensate drain line: If this line becomes clogged, the condensate pan will overflow, causing the safety switch to activate and shut down the AC.

This is only a small part of what happens during cooling system tune-up. Sign up for our Proactive Service Agreement today, and one of our technicians will be out to your house to see that your AC receives all the above and more—and you’ll be ready for the hot weather.

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