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Keeping Your Heat Pump Working Its Best This Winter

Heat pumps are a great way to provide comfort for a home. Instead of only doing half of the job of heating and cooling a house, a heat pump does both. And it does both jobs with high energy efficiency. If you have a heat pump that is properly sized and installed for the heating demands of your home, it should consume much less power than an electric furnace each winter. And you’ll still enjoy the benefits of superb air conditioning when the summer arrives.

We have some tips to help you keep your heat pump running smoothly and at its energy-efficient best for the rest of the winter. Call us whenever you need professional help, such as inspections or repairs.

Make sure the outdoor unit has sufficient clearance

Take a look at the outdoor unit of your heat pump. Does it have a clear area of at least two feet on all sides? There shouldn’t be any debris or shrubs around it that can prevent it from drawing in enough air. If the heat pump has blocked air flow, it will cost more to run and will also make the system run hotter, leading to it aging faster. Trim back shrubs and trees and remove anything else that might be harming the air flow.

Did you schedule regular maintenance for it? (If not, do so now!)

A heat pump is a single heating/cooling system, but it needs to have two maintenance checks per year. The first is to prepare it for the summer, and the second is to prepare it for winter. If you didn’t have it professionally maintained during the fall to get it ready for the cold weather, it isn’t too late to arrange for it. You should never let your heat pump miss its twice-yearly inspections and tune-ups, since this will cause it to start to deteriorate too soon and cost more to run. (Plus, routine maintenance is the best way to prevent a sudden system breakdown that will leave your home very uncomfortable).

Keep changing (or cleaning) those air filters!

The air filter on a heat pump is the part that protects the interior components of the indoor cabinet from damage due to particles flowing through the return air ducts. It only takes about a month of steady performance for the filter to become heavily clogged. A congested filter will make it harder for the heat pump to work efficiently. Make sure that you change the filter once a month during winter (or clean it, if it’s a permanent filter).

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration serves Benton, LA. You want your system to run smoothly, so call today to schedule a maintenance check!

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