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The Benefits of Having a Service Contract for Your HVAC Equipment

We’ve written before on our blog about how important it is to arrange for annual maintenance to inspect, clean, adjust, and generally service your home’s air conditioning and heating systems. You can call up a professional HVAC company twice a year (once in spring for the AC and then again in fall for the heater) to schedule this routine maintenance. However, a better approach is to sign up for a service contract, such as the Proactive Service Agreement that we offer.

Why is getting a service contract a good idea? Here are some of the reasons:


You don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule maintenance twice a year, or getting behind on arranging for it in time to beat out the cold or hot weather. Our technicians will call you whenever you are due for service as a reminder. Just leave everything to us.

Jump to the front of the service queue

A service contract makes you a priority customer, so you get to skip to the front of the service queue in the future whenever your equipment needs repairs and needs them fast. (Remember, we already offer 24-hour emergency service.)

Great savings

Keeping up with maintenance in general will save you money by preventing repairs and keeping the AC and heater running at their maximum efficiency. But most service contracts also offer you improved rates compared to paying as you go. Ask us about the excellent offer we’re making right now on a 2-year agreement.

Bonus perks

Along with the vital maintenance visits, most service contracts offer other special perks for members. Our Proactive Service Agreement comes with a 20% discount on all parts, a 5% discount on equipment, a discounted rate on diagnostics.

Ready to sign our Proactive Service Agreement and enjoy all of its benefits? You only need to give Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Shreveport, LA a call.

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