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Maintaining a Healthy Home: Our Two Tips

Health is at the forefront of the news and our lives these days. We know that there’s a pandemic raging throughout our area, and we want to encourage homeowners to stay safe and keep their homes secure. Your home should be a sanctuary, free from any viruses, bacteria, or contaminants you might encounter elsewhere. Thankfully, we’ve got the solutions that can help you reach that goal.

Could your home use an air filtration system? How about an air purifier in Shreveport, LA? If so, then we can get you set up. If you’re one of the homeowners who don’t know exactly how these kinds of systems can help, then keep reading! We’ll go into the specifics about these two types of systems and talk about why they’re so vital to a home that’s plagued with indoor air contaminants.

Air Filtration Systems

Keep Your Air Clear of Contaminants Like Dust, Dirt, Pet Dander, and Hair

We’ll start with air filtration systems. These units are remarkably effective at helping homes that feel stuffy. Homeowners who are constantly battling with dust, pet dander, hair, dirt, debris, and other particles in their air could use an air filtration system. These indoor air quality machines basically involve the use of a screen that catches particles above a certain size. This size is microscopic, so it means that most if not all of the contaminants in your air will be caught by something like this.

The only problem with an air filtration system is that it won’t easily catch things like bacteria and viruses, which are so small in size that they tend to fit through any screen. While some of them might get caught, air filters aren’t really built for this kind of air quality work. That’s where our next piece of equipment comes into play!

Air Purifiers

Eliminate Harmful Particles, No Matter How Small!

Air purifiers are great at eliminating the particles that might still fit through an air filter. Anything organic, from viruses, to bacteria and mold spores, will be targeted by something like a UV air purifier, and systematically eliminated as it works.

UV air purifiers utilize ultraviolet light, which causes radiation to inhibit the reproduction function of an organic cell. If a virus, bacteriophage, or mold spore can’t reproduce, then it’s essentially harmless and your body will dispose of it immediately. Don’t worry, this radiation won’t have any effect on you because it’s hidden away deep in your air ducts to only come in contact with your air.

Choose the Solution That’s Right for You

We’re not going to tell you which system is better, because in all honesty they’re both perfect at what they do. Perhaps your home just needs a defense against dust and dirt particles. Or, maybe you’re concerned with recirculating microorganisms that cause illness, so you’d like an air purifier.

Or, perhaps you can be a thorough homeowner and take advantage of both systems! With the help of both an air purifier and an air filtration system, you can pretty much steer clear of any contaminants in your air for the foreseeable future.

Call the doctor of home comfort today. Hall’s Heating, Air conditioning & Refrigeration can keep your home air healthy.

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