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No, These AC Noises Are Not Normal

Grinding, buzzing, screeching, no these noises are not normal and you should stop thinking they are! There’s nothing more frustrating, from our point of view, than a homeowner who has gone years listening to their air conditioner grinding loudly while they believed it was ordinary. We’re writing this blog post with the hope that you’re one of the more vigilant of homeowners since we just hate seeing a perfectly good AC unit slowly breakdown due to neglect and ignorance.

Though, we definitely understand the other side of the equation. How is anyone supposed to know that a grinding air conditioner isn’t normal? There isn’t a class in high school that teaches you about AC noises, so where are you supposed to be introduced to that information? Well, before you call for air conditioning repair in Shreveport, perhaps reading a couple of our blogs can give you some background into your air conditioner.

Noises to Be Aware of

Don’t worry, we know it isn’t your fault if you’ve never been introduced to the various noises an air conditioner can make. If you’re panicking about what catastrophic problem can be occurring in your abnormally loud AC, relax. Make sure to contact a professional technician if you’re really worried, but for everyone else, keep reading.

  • Grinding. If there’s a grinding noise coming from your AC, turn it off and call in a technician. This is typically the sound of a faulty condenser motor, bearings that have been ground down, or a fan that’s been rubbing against other components. None of these are good, and all of these require professional attention.
  • Buzzing. Buzzing is often always a signal that there is an electrical problem in your air conditioner. Ask yourself, is this buzzing constant when your system is on? Is it loud, intermittent buzzing with sparks coming from your system? The first could be just a frayed wire or broken part, but the latter may be a more serious problem that often becomes an electrical hazard.
  • Screeching. Hearing screeching coming from your system? Turn it off and call a professional! This is usually a clue that high pressured air is trying to escape within your compressor. This can lead to a total breakdown if not addressed soon.
  • Rattling. This is usually a clear sign that something is loose in your AC system. Either a ball bearing or a screw, the rattling noise is the sound of this loose piece bouncing off the inner components of your air conditioner. Call a professional quickly, before more damage gets done to the inside of your AC.
  • Hissing or Bubbling. One of the most common noises we get asked about, this signifies that there is a refrigerant leak in your system. Refrigerant is kept as a high-pressure gas in the lines, which means that any leak can sound like escaping gas or air bubbles being formed in the refrigerant line.

These are the most common noises we encounter. If any of these noises can be applied to your AC, or if there’s a noise you’re hearing that’s jarring but not exactly one of the ones we’ve described, give us a call and let the professionals take a look at your air conditioner.

Don’t hesitate to call the doctor of home comfort today, Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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