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Replace Your Old AC with a High-Efficiency Unit!

air-conditioner-money-saverYou’ve had your current air conditioner for more than ten years. Maybe more than fifteen or twenty. It’s just not working as well as it used to, or it’s started to run up astronomical bills each summer. Maybe it’s breaking down frequently and needs repair to keep it hobbling on. Or you might feel it’s time to retire it before all of those things start happening.

That’s great! Replacing your old air conditioner can significantly improve your life during summer, not to mention keep your electrical bills under control. You also have some excellent new options for air conditioners that are better than your old system was even when it was new. We recommend you look into a high-efficiency air conditioning unit.

What makes a high-efficiency AC so … highly efficient?

In general, better manufacturing has made newer ACs more energy efficient: improved refrigerant, better motors, thinner cooling coils, etc. But high-efficiency air conditioners with more than 20 SEER have a number of specific features to help:

  • Variable speed blower fan: The blower fan of a standard AC has either two settings, on or off. No matter when the blower fan is running, it uses the same amount of energy. With a variable speed system, the fan can run at a lower capacity. The fan will automatically adjust itself, and 60% of the time it will run on the lower setting. This cuts down significantly on electrical costs.
  • Multi-stage compressor: The compressor is the most powerful component in a cooling system, since it’s the literal heart—it circulates refrigerant through the air conditioner and adds energy to refrigerant to allow it to cool the house. A multi-stage compressor can reduce its work capacity to match the comfort needs of the house, and this drops down the electrical power it uses.

Are there any drawbacks to going high efficiency?

Well, there are some considerations. First, a high-efficiency AC may not work with your current set of ducts. To have the system installed in these situations, you’ll also require upgrades to the ducts, and this may be too cumbersome and expensive.

Second, the more efficient an air conditioner, the more features it has, the more it costs to install up front. The air conditioner will save you money over time, but it may simply not be feasible with your current budget.

If you’re concerned about balancing out the benefits of a high-efficiency AC and the possible expenses, you have a place you can go for help. In fact, the place you should go: HVAC professionals. You must have professionals install the AC, so have them help early on in picking the right cooling equipment.

To find the right new high-efficiency air conditioner, if that’s the best option for you, you’ll need professional HVAC service in Shreveport, LA. It’s as easy as calling the Doctor of Home Comfort! We install all types of air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps if you’re interested in also replacing your heater. We’ll size and install your cooling system so you receive the best performance and efficiency for many years to come.

Call the Doctor of Home Comfort Today! Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration serves Shreveport and the surrounding areas.

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