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The Science Behind Air Purification

Let’s face it, if you weren’t into air purification technology before, after a year like 2020 you probably are. Everyone at this point knows how viruses work, knows how air can be purified, and probably knows a thing or two about contracting an illness from person-to-person. With all this information floating around, it can feel hopeless when it comes to keeping your home and your family safe. But is it hopeless?

Absolutely not. Air purifiers are (and have always been) proven scientific methods of eliminating germs in a home’s HVAC system. Especially when it comes to UV air purifiers in Benton, LA, these units are specifically designed to eradicate viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

If you’re confused as to how these systems might stop germs in their tracks, you’re not the only one. Keep reading as we get into the nitty-gritty of how an air purifier works.

How It Works

Living in a pandemic for almost a year has given us some unique insight as to how a virus operates. But few people still know how an air purifier works. So let’s break it down.

Viral Reproduction

If you remember from back in the days of high school biology, viruses, bacteria, and mold work by reproducing. When they infect a host, they reproduce rampantly throughout the host and in ways that spread to additional hosts. From the common cold to COVID-19, viruses must reproduce from within one host to eventually affect another. This is important because, without this mass reproduction, a virus will struggle doing anything except float around and eventually die.

Ultraviolet Light

This is where the air purifier comes in. A UV air purifier emits ultraviolet light, which is harmful to microorganisms (don’t worry, it’s harmless to human beings and other multicellular organisms). The radiation from UV light inhibits a virus’s ability to reproduce. This means the viruses, bacteria, and mold spores will be practically useless when they come in contact with you. Without their ability to spread and reproduce, it’s impossible for them to infect you and cause any harm. Basically, those nasty particles we’re so terrified of will become completely harmless.

Easy Clean-Up

With the help of a germicidal air purifier, you can finally break the cycle of germs traveling through your HVAC system. Before this type of technology, it was incredibly hard to remove germs from your indoor air because they would get circulated through the ventilation system over and over again. With an air purifier mounted in your ductwork, it can catch any and all particles that travel through your HVAC system, eliminating the harmful ones as they pass by.

With harmless particles floating through your air and eventually settling down on the surfaces, one quick mop, vacuum, or cleaning is all it takes to keep your home safe and secure.

We could go on for days talking about air purifiers, but the most important aspect of it is that it can keep your family healthy and your home fresh. Call us today if you’re interested in this kind of technology or the assistance it provides.

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